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OLD MOORE'S ALMANAC 2023 COVER Welcome to – I’m James Lynn Page,  a professional astrologer and author for W. Foulsham publishing in the U.K, and one of the team who pen the annual Old Moore’s Almanac, a continual astrology best-seller. To begin,  I’d like to introduce you to your birth chart, a map of the heavens reflecting your Inner Self and its potentials, and how your outer life will unfold. This unique journey is explained in my free, expanded eBook, You and Your Birth Chart. If you’d like to book a private reading, just click on the Consultations tab for details. I’m a guest blogger on the US astro-politics site, Stars Over Washington and the site of the  renowned Melanie Reinhart.  Plus, for years, I was a regular columnist in the spiritual-path quarterly, Diamond Fire. Check out here, too, what astrology said about the Coronavirus.ASTRO MAGIC COVER

My book Astro-Magic was published by Perrault in July,  2023. Written with my late colleague Lucy Anderton, it’s packed with info. on lunar rhythms that can be used to your advantage. Check out these related YouTube videos on your personal Moon Sign. In Astro-Magic there are also spells to perform relevant to the monthly New and Full Moon. But you can start now by checking where your lucky Lunar High is this month – download my Three Planet Tables and then read this introduction to Lunar Highs and Lows.

 In Astro-Magic we also meet Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunity and you’ll discover when he makes contact with your personal planets. Here is when new possibilities for the future arise and  – often – ‘lucky breaks’ occur, as if your prayers are somehow being answered. Click here to obtain your free birth chart (you’ll need to know your birth time), or download the free AstroCalc program and do your own chart! It’s easy! For now, though, you can try this money spell or enjoy this free chapter


My other new book, the perennial best-seller, Gardening and Planting by the Moon, will be published by W. Foulsham & Co. in mid-September. It’s the 2024 edition and plots in detail how the moon’s magnetic pull affects the plant life all around us, even according to what sign it’s in at any one time. Lunar, or Biodynamic, Gardening is immensely popular these days. Better still, it has been conclusively proven to work, and if you follow the cosmic cycles in this calendar style book, the quality of your garden produce will dramatically improve.

How Astrology Works

Plus, here is what the world renowned astrologer Alan Oken said about my 2019 book, How Astrology Works: 

James Lynn Page does a wonderful job of bringing together the perspectives of ancient and modern philosophers and metaphysical scholars, while adding his own keen and educated insights on the subject. His work is both enjoyable and enlightening.’

The brilliant Melanie Reinhart (author of Chiron and the Healing Journey) added that it is:

‘Written incredibly well: articulate, readable, often wry and very funny, with scrupulous attention to detail. Marvellous.’

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