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How about a very simple Moon Magic technique? This will start with determining your Lunar High or Lunar Low for the month – just look for when the moon occupies your sun sign. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a sun Virgo, it’s your Lunar High when the moon is in Virgo. If you’re a sun Gemini, it is your Lunar High when the sun is in Gemini. However if you’re a Virgo, when the moon’s here it’s the Lunar Low for Pisceans – simply because it’s their opposite sign. (The Lunar Low for Virgos is obviously when the moon is in Pisces). And so:

Aries is opposite to Libra
Taurus is opposite to Scorpio
Gemini is opposite to Sagittarius
Cancer is opposite to Capricorn
Leo is opposite to Aquarius
Virgo is opposite to Pisces

Lunar Highs and Lows are the simplest ways of checking your rhythmic attunement to the moon when making personal astrological ‘predictions’ with Moon Magic. Think of it roughly as a kind of New Moon and Full Moon set up, but one which applies especially to your sun sign. The Lunar High is like being on the road when the sign ahead says either ‘go’ or ‘stop’ and it works like this: for the two and a half days when the moon moves into your sun sign, you’re having your ‘peak’ days of the month; overall you can expect beneficial results. When it moves into your opposite sign, these are troughs, or low points. Hence, the shorthand ‘Lunar High’ or ‘Lunar Low’.

If you want to check future lunar highs or lows and don’t have an ephemeris, they’re easy to obtain online for free.


The Lunar High is when the sun and Moon come together and there is a union of yin and yang, Masculine and Feminine. You are in harmony with the Universe, energies tend to be more plentiful and you are in the ‘flow’ of things, as the Taoists might say. When we look at how the New or Full moon is affecting your actual birth chart later in the book, things get much more interesting and precise. We will look at how New Moons and Full Moons (part of what’s called the Lunation cycle) actually connect to planets on your birth chart (so long as you have an accurate birth time). Plus, when these Lunations ‘transit’ the houses of your natal chart we will perform powerful magical spells and rituals appropriate to that house.

For now though, remember that the two-and-a-half days on the Lunar High is a peak for you. What happens during this period obviously good for you, though not necessarily lucky in the conventional sense. Things can even send you off course, and it may feel as if you’re being thwarted. You could even have what appears to be appalling luck on these days. In time though, such things will be revealed for what they truly are – a blessing in disguise.

If you’re a fan of Eckhart Tolle and following his mindfulness teachings, it is easier to be in The Now and enjoying the underlying Presence on a Lunar High day. This naturally leads to improved performance at work, relationships are more harmonious and your focus is good. Vitality – depending on your overall state of physical health – should obviously be up and you can get more meaningful things done at these times. Magicians and spell-workers should be putting out their healing energies into the Universe on a lunar peak day.

Creative people will get more inspiration, as the muse is strong. And who knows what will happen when you buy that scratch card or lottery ticket? All in all, a Lunar High is an excellent time for getting what you want, whatever that means to you.

The Effects of the Lunar High:

On a High you can make new starts and important decisions that may affect the rest of your life

On a High you’ll feel more in tune with the Universe and tend to have days when, put simply, things simply go your way

On a High you’ll be able to make new investments and will know if it’s the best time to save money rather than spend

On a High you’ll know how and when to make the approach to important prospective employers .


During a lunar low period you are apt to find that what happens is not exactly in your best interest. Impediments arise in unexplainable ways and you’ll soon see that your powers are limited, somehow. Maybe it’s because of the depletion in energy, of being (potentially) out of sync with the cosmos and you’re likely to run out of steam much quicker than at other times. Any influence over others may be minimal, and there’s little else to do but ease up on trying to control life.

The advice to surrender, accept things and go with the flow when you’re not getting your own way is a major theme in ancient Chinese wisdom. And it should always be borne in mind at the time of the Lunar Low – the sun and moon are opposed to each other now, yin and yang are at odds, and your best move is to quietly occupy the mid-ground. This isn’t simply giving up or giving in, reigning yourself to fate, but positioning yourself in a state of non-attachment, non-desire. Letting go is another key theme in the old Oriental teachings, for here is wisdom (and it’s only for two and a half days)

Suspending certain plans is now a wise move – they may run into difficulty. This is the time in the month to get a complete rest from striving – take it easy, chill out, meditate, get spiritually recharged! Helping other people out with their dreams and schemes or problems is an excellent idea, too. It’s a time to be more charitable and show some genuine empathy.

The Effects of the Lunar High:

On a Low you should just take it easy as the time isn’t ripe yet for making advances – you shouldn’t be trying to manipulate things at any rate!

On a Low you’ll suspect that something out there is interfering with progress and, worse still, you may be unrealistic about what you can achieve

On a Low it may feel like something is taking the enjoyment out of life, but this is only because you’re trying too hard and don’t have the energy

On a Low it’s time pass on certain options, to take a raincheck and look to your spiritual life, instead

And all of this is because you will be working within the planet rhythms and influences that are at work already on your birth chart. One of the best ever cheerleaders for Lunar High/Low astrology – which she calls Red Lights, Green Lights – is the late, and brilliant, US astrologer Debbi Kempton Smith. In her book, Secrets From A Stargazer’s Notebook she writes:

‘So of course Charles and Vivia Jayne taught me this RED LIGHTS, GREEN LIGHTS stuff, as Carl Payne Tobey taught them many years ago. Carl Payne Tobey had a mail order business and discovered that he always got lots of orders during the “lunar high” and felt like he was swimming through oatmeal on the “lunar low.”’

She then continues with some good, solid advice about the lunar highs:

‘These are your “best” days of the month. Now, “best” doesn’t necessarily promise that these days will be fun or easy, but they are lucky. You’re more likely to get your way … you have more power, more influence than at any other time of the month. Think of what you can accomplish if you dust off your zoot suit and steam ahead on these days: Sign contracts. Begin important projects. Ask the boss for a raise. Start love affairs with hard-to-get humans. Go for job interviews. Apply for loans and credit cards. Approach “important people”.’

On the subject of good fortune, Balthasar Gracian once put it this way: ‘There are rules of luck: it is not all chance with the wise: it can be assisted by care. Some content themselves with placing themselves confidently at the gate of Fortune, waiting till she opens it. Others do better, and press forward and profit by their clever boldness, reaching the goddess and winning her favour on the wings of their virtue and valour.’

Remember that ‘winning the favour of the goddess’ is much easier on your Lunar High!

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