Here is a short selection of links to highly recommended websites that are all well worth a visit:

Diamond Fire  Here is the Facebook page for this quarterly occult magazine, containing many of my articles

The Astrology Collective is a new site (as of Autumn 2021) founded by Lynette Malone and Zane Stein (Mr. Chiron) whose avowed aim is to ‘provide a space and a community where you can explore astrology, exchange ideas, and gain in knowledge and wisdom.’

Infinity Astrological Magazine  I have a regular Astro-Tarot column in this brilliant magazine!

W. Foulsham Publishing  The people who publish most of my work

Stars Over Washington  If you like Political Astrology then this site, owned by Jude Cowell, is brilliant at covering current issues in the old U.S of A.

James Lynn Page’s Amazon Page  Check out my books here

Raphael’s YouTube Channel  Check out my interviews with the best astrologers in the world

James Lynn Page’s YouTube Channel  Check out my video ‘The New Positive Thinking – The Documentary’

Astrology News Service  A review for my book How Astrology Works

Astrocalc Software  The site of technical wizard Joakim Schramm (download your free, fully-featured astrology program – worth £150 – here)

Alan Oken  One of the foremost astrologers today, and one of the wisest voices

Melanie Reinhart  Along with Alan Oken, Melanie is one of the world’s leading astrologers

Deike Begg  Also, one of the world’s best astrologers

A Little Spark of Joy  Check out this marvellous site’s feature on the Major Aracana!

Otylia from Poland  Check out her excellent Tarot and Numerology Blog!

Café Esoterica Radio  I’m being interviewed here (8/7/2017) by Shawn Margaret Cohen and Nina Ashby on their fascinating radio show