James Lynn Page - About me

Hi – I’m James Lynn Page, a professional astrologer, Tarot analyst, teacher, editor, product marketer, lecturer and author of Mind-Body-Spirit titles. After having gained the Faculty of Astrological Studies’ Certificate in 1984, I soon began consultations with clients and then wrote my first major book on astrology: Jungian Birth Charts (1988, Aquarian Press, with the pen name ‘Arthur Dione’). Horoscope magazine said it was ‘one of the better popular astrology books to see print in this decade.’ Prediction magazine in the UK added that it’s ‘an excellent attempt to weave the threads of astrology into those of Jungian psychology and … one of the best books to date to bring added depth to the art of horoscope interpretation’.

Soon after, I went to work for W. Foulsham Publishing, co-authoring their annual 12 volume Old Moore’s Horoscope and Astral Diaries. I’m also one of the main astrological consultants to Foulsham’s Old Moore’s Almanac, published annually, and wrote the monthly astrology Newsletter for Raphael’s Ephemeris.com.

I’ve also written several Mind, Body, Spirit titles for Foulsham (they used to call this category ‘New Age’) on matters like Visualisation, Celtic and Native American Magic, Love Spells, and the Tarot (I even worked for a couple of years on one of those ‘Tarot phone lines’!). And I’ve published three titles myself – You and the Conscious Universe, The Christ Enigma- Did Jesus Really Exist? and How Astrology Works.

I live and work in the rural North of England with my partner and our two cats, doing birth charts and Tarot readings (I’ve done well over a thousand) and continuing my writing career. Occasionally, I undertake public speaking engagements and I even attend my local astrology group (which I joined many moons ago as a student.) Plus, my interviews (for Foulsham) with the cream of the astrological community – from Jonathan Cainer to Melanie Reinhart – can be found here.

If you’re interested in a personal astrology or Tarot consultation, you can book one here and if you have any queries or comments about this site and its content, please email me at: