Planetary Keywords

Here is an excellent guide to the planets in astrology (and the relevant keywords) by my old friend, astrologer and magician Bob Makransky.

I: Keywords for Transiting Planets

Sun: DECISIVE – Calls for an exercise of will in which you have to follow your heart and stay your course; do what you feel is right.

Moon: HEARTFELT – Something out of the ordinary which affects you on a deep level. May bring messages or guidance from the spirit world.

Mercury: ENCOURAGING – An event which changes your attitude, viewpoint, or self-image. You see yourself in a new light, in a new role vis a vis other people, and need tact, aplomb, and confidence in your own abilities.

Venus: SOCIABLE – Encounters, gatherings, or events which play upon your affections. They may symbolize a poignant moment in a personal relationship, or creative, artistic expression.

Mars: FORCEFUL – Intense involvements with other people (though not necessarily conflictive). You have to take a position, stand up for yourself, be willing to fully commit yourself.

Jupiter: CHEERING – An opportunity to lighten up, join together with others, and take a detached, generous, and conciliatory overview.

Saturn: CHALLENGING – Obstacles which have to be confronted directly. You cannot shrink from difficulties but must hold your ground and secure your position in life.

Uranus: SURPRISING – Unexpected (serendipitous or calamitous) events which shake you out of your ordinary routines and doldrums.

Neptune: UNUSUAL – Odd, out-of-the-ordinary occurrences; strange vibrations and undercurrents. May provoke powerful attractions or repulsions on your part.

Pluto: REVEALING – Events of a disorienting, transformative nature. You have to take command, rise to the occasion, get on top of things.

II. Natal Planets

Sun: DETERMINATION – You have to stand up for yourself, let your own views be known, make your own will prevail. You must disencumber yourself and take a step forward.

Moon: ASSURANCE – Your deep-seated instincts come to the surface. You must pay attention to what your own inner voice is telling you.

Mercury: UNDERSTANDING – You must meet or communicate with others of like mind (opposition inclines to conflicts). You may begin new projects or relationships.

Venus: INTIMACY – You attend to family, social, or relationship matters which impact on your gregarious, romantic, enthusiastic side.

Mars: ADVANCEMENT – You are impelled forward, make new plans or projects, and are moved by a sense of progress, accomplishment, and hope for the future.

Jupiter: FULFILLMENT – You find that things just fall right into place with no effort on your part. You may get to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Saturn: DISCIPLINE – You must work hard, dedicate yourself, exercise self-control. You have to adjust yourself to limits imposed from outside.

Uranus: LIBERATION – An expansion of your personal space and horizons. New doors open for you, and you have to release old assumptions.

Neptune: ATTUNEMENT – You need to overcome doubt, confusion and uncertainty and trust in your ability to just go with the flow.

Pluto: CLARITY – You must be calm and steady, and use sober, objective analysis. You have to put the situation into proper perspective.

North Node: GUIDANCE – You need to reconsider your position, to be fluid and receptive to change.

South Node: GRATIFICATION – Your ego gets a boost; you collect some debt from the past.

Part of Fortune: NOVELTY – You find you are able to take things in stride, to relax and enjoy yourself in a unique situation.

Ascendant: REORIENTATION – You begin a new phase or epoch in your life. Midheaven: HOPE – You are given something to set your sights on or to shoot for.

Descendant: COOPERATION – You change the tone or direction of a close relationship.

Lower Meridian: RESOLUTION – You are required to stand your ground and consolidate your position.

Interpretations of Transiting Conjunctions and Oppositions to Natal Planets

(for detailed information on how to
cast spells, see my book Planetary Hours)

Sun Conjunct Mars = You may have to take decisive, committal action, but you have the confidence and élan to bring it off. Try to avoid conflict with men now. Good time to take risks, and to ask favors of men (sun hours if father/boss/authorities; Mars hours if brother, husband, lover, male friend). Also good for rituals to attract a male lover (use a red candle and a Mars hour).

Sun opposition Mars = Avoid conflict, especially with men. You cannot enforce your own will now, so try to be patient in the face of obstruction and frustration. If you must confront others, use a sun hour. It is, however, a good day to do a Scat ritual to get rid of any man in your life who is bringing you down (use a Mars hour for this).

Sun Conjunct Jupiter = An excellent day to approach men for favors or ask for a raise (sun hours); and to borrow/lend/invest money (Jupiter hours) and launch new projects generally. Also to make prayers or cast spells for money: Choose a Jupiter hour for this (and, if possible, a time when sun-Jupiter cross an angle at your locality).

Sun Opposition Jupiter = Some plan or purpose may not live up to expectation, but you’ll find that you get what you need in the end. Not good for money matters. It’s best to approach superiors / authorities / men from whom you wish a favor during a sun hour; other people during a Jupiter hour; but don’t expect a whole lot.

Sun Conjunct Saturn = You may come eyeball-to-eyeball with someone or have to take the bull by the horns in a difficult situation. You must be decisive and unflinching without being oppressive yourself. Act during sun hours if possible; or during Saturn hours if dealing with difficult, intractable people.

Sun Opposition Saturn = This brings conflict, opposition, frustration; however it is a good time to call something quits, or make prayers or cast spells to banish negative people or situations. This should be done during a Saturn hour.

Sun Conjunct Uranus = Surprising news, or a breakthrough or critical moment in which you have great clarity and decisiveness. Good time to make a complete break or radical change in your situation or relationships to free yourself of encumbrances (use a sun hour).

Sun Opposition Uranus = This may bring tension, conflict, and stress, especially vis a vis father, boss, authorities, men generally. Keep your cool. If you find that you must confront, do this during a sun hour.

Sun Conjunct Neptune = An excellent time to initiate spiritual practices; to meet with spiritual teachers and counselors, to invoke spirits, and to cast spells asking for spiritual enlightenment and understanding. Use a white candle during a sun hour.

Sun Opposition Neptune = There may be some deception going on, especially vis a vis men, superiors, authorities. Be careful not to deceive yourself. It’s easy to fall for delusions now; you have to face up to reality, not pursue fantasies or will-o-the-wisps.

Sun Conjunct Pluto = Deep insight into others’ motivations may bring the solution to a problem (tackle it during a sun hour). You are detached, objective, and confident of your abilities now, and are in a decisive mood.

Sun Opposition Pluto = There may be a conflict of wills or bad faith going on. Your viewpoint is not going to be accepted or appreciated so you had better just hold your tongue now (let go of obsessions). If it is unavoidable, arrange to approach others (especially men / boss) during a sun hour.

Mercury Conjunct Venus = Get things straight with a loved one or friend (Venus hour), clear up misunderstandings (Mercury hour). Don’t let communications problems bog you down; plan to enjoy yourself. A good day for dating, travel, recitals, art exhibits, parties, children.

Mercury Conjunct Mars = A good time to get things straight with other people (Mercury hours) or confront them forcefully (Mars hours). Sharp tongues may occasion actions which will be regretted later on. Best to avoid confrontation and to ignore provocation now.

Mercury Opposition Mars = Anger, conflict. Sharp-tongues may occasion actions which will be regretted later on. You’re not going to convince anyone or get your own way now, so best defer or go quietly.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter = You’re bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and in good spirits and humor. New ideas and inspiration now; also helps in reaching agreement and accord. You can take a positive, bright, optimistic view and thereby win the support and encouragement of other people. This is a good time to travel or visit / join with others, particularly during Mercury and Jupiter hours.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter = Inflated expectations may lead to a let-down. Your enthusiasms aren’t appreciated. Avoid signing papers or investing money. Communications are misunderstood or unappreciated; but if unavoidable approach other people during Jupiter hours.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn = There is a call for sobriety and serious-mindedness. You may need patience in dealing with others, but you can understand their viewpoints objectively and are called upon to facilitate or teach. Good for long-term commitments and undertakings.

Mercury Opposition Saturn = Things come to a head today; you are misunderstood and blocked. Don’t count on others for support or believe everything you’re told; be prepared to cut loose and go it alone.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus = A flash of understanding and illumination. Good day to pray or cast spells for creativity and guidance. You must keep your wits about you and be alert to opportunities.

Mercury Opposition Uranus = There may  be some tension or conflict based on misunderstandings or differing interpretations. There seems to be pigheadedness on all sides. Best just to cool it now.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune = A great time to begin spiritual projects or studies, invoke spirits, or learn how to channel. Also good for travel and romance, since you are highly intuitive and full of creative ideas and projects.

Mercury Opposition Neptune = There are apt to be misunderstandings or misleading promises. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear now, especially not rumors; nor should you act until you have all the facts.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto = You can see very clearly what is really going on beneath the surface. You are objective and disinterested and can facilitate accord (use Mercury hour to approach others)

Mercury Opposition Pluto = There may be misunderstandings and conflict due to stubbornness on all sides. Not a good time to approach others or start projects since your own thinking is obsessive rather than objective.

Venus Conjunct Mars = There may be a romantic attraction or attachment, or an enjoyable time with one’s present significant other, or just a member of the opposite sex. Good to ask someone out for a date. Also good time to cast a love spell: use a Venus hour (straight women or gay men can use a Mars hour instead – particularly if sex is more important than companionship).

Venus Opposition Mars = Disappointment or conflict in an intimate or social relationship. Not a good day to meet with others or try to reach agreement. It is a good day, however, to break things off (or do a Scat ritual, to get someone out of your life).

Venus Conjunct Jupiter = A joyous, harmonious time in which social and financial matters take a turn for the better. Excellent time for launching new projects; indeed, one of the most favorable aspects of the entire year, so you should do something enjoyable today (use Venus or Jupiter hours), or cast a spell for love, money, artistic creativity, or social success. Choose a Venus (for love) or Jupiter (for money) hour for this.

Venus Opposition Jupiter = Inflated hopes or expectations may bring disappointments. There may be estrangements or misunderstandings with intimates or family members. This is not a good time to borrow / lend / invest money, but if you must approach others use a Jupiter or Venus hour.

Venus Conjunct Saturn = Tact and discretion are needed in addressing the feelings of a friend or family member, or else feelings may be hurt on both sides. On the other hand, this is a good day to break things off (use a Saturn hour).

Venus Opposition Saturn = Conflict, disappointment, separation, or betrayal in an intimate relationship. Avoid being too trusting, or bringing up problems now on your own account – you can’t win. Good day to do a Scat ritual to get rid of someone undesired.

Venus Conjunct Uranus = You may feel unexpected attractions or receive sudden creative inspiration and new ideas. It’s a good time to make prayers or to cast spells to bring romance (Choose a Venus hour for this).

Venus Opposition Uranus = This may bring sudden estrangements or disruptive actions by a friend or family member. It may be best to leave the other person in peace and go your own way; unavoidable contacts should be made during Venus hours.

Venus Conjunct Neptune = Good for romance and for creative and artistic activities in general; though there may be a tendency to see through rose-tinted glasses and idealize other people. A good day for musicians, artists, writers, etc. to ask for creative inspiration and spiritual help (use a blue candle and a Venus hour).

Venus Opposition Neptune = Expectations of others are likely to be disappointed now. Try to be aloof and unconcerned (rather than to indulge your worry and fear) since things aren’t as bad as you might think.

Venus Conjunct Pluto = There may be hidden feelings or unspoken agendas that must be addressed consciously to avoid hurt. Objectivity (rather than obsessiveness) is called for – seeing the other person’s motivations clearly.

Venus Opposition Pluto = Intimate or family matter may come to some kind of a head. There may be some intense, obsessive feelings in the air which need to be brought out into the open and addressed consciously. Use a Venus hour to confront others.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter = Good for bold, daring action, risk-taking, speculation (Mars hours). Launch new ventures now (Jupiter hours), or cast spells for money, courage, success in athletic competition or protection (for yourself or another) in war.

Mars Opposition Jupiter = Be careful of overoptimism or overreaching these few days; avoid investing/lending/borrowing money or launching new projects. There is a difference between daring and mania. Be suspicious rather than trusting; watch your temper.

Mars Conjunct Saturn = Conflicts, obstacles, delays, frustration are rife now. If you must be confrontational, arrange to do it during a Mars planetary hour if possible (not a Saturn hour), but best avoid making forward moves or contacts. It is a good day, however, to break things off, especially with older or intractable people; or do a Scat ritual to get rid of an undesired someone from your life.

Mars Opposition Saturn = Conflicts, obstacles, frustration, betrayal, anger. Avoid conflict if at all possible, and if not try to arrange it for a Mars hour (not a Saturn hour); but best avoid making forward moves or contacts now. On the other hand, this is a good day to do a Scat ritual to rid yourself of a person or situation which is oppressing you (use a Mars hour).

Mars Conjunct Uranus = Sudden, surprising events – either a breakthrough or (more likely) stress and turmoil; forces a major change of plans or thinking. You are bold, decisive, even reckless; and while this is a good day to make a stand or take risks, you should avoid provoking conflicts and feeding anger.

Mars Opposition Uranus = Tends to bring tension, anger, open conflict which surfaces in a sudden, unexpected blast. This is definitely not a good time to make changes or depend on other people. If you must confront, do it doing a Mars hour for determination and strength.

Mars Conjunct Neptune = May bring worries, paranoia, deception, betrayal. Don’t be too trusting of other people; nor of your own fears and impulses (for better or worse, things probably won’t work out the way they seem to be going). Definitely avoid conflicts now.

Mars Opposition Neptune = This may bring deception, duplicity, or general worry and paranoia. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Don’t be too trusting or too credulous; don’t believe everything you hear. If you must confront others, try to do it during a Mars hour.

Mars Conjunct Pluto = You can see very clearly into other people’s hidden motivations, but must use this objectivity wisely (not obsessively cling to your own agendas). A little patience and detachment are more useful now than bull-headed aggressiveness.

Mars Opposition Pluto = Things come to a boil or come to a head. Anger, impatience, conflict tend to flare up. You must cool it rather than react obsessively; try to avoid confrontation altogether now (certainly don’t provoke it yourself).

Jupiter conjunct Saturn = A profound realization which brings you up short and impels you to assume greater responsibility for the course of your life; but at the same time broadens your scope and deepens your understanding.

Jupiter opposition Saturn = There may be disappointments, estrangement, opposition: some sort of occurrence which requires you to consider the meaning of your life and the seriousness of your purpose. You have to cop to something unpleasant. It’s not so much a question of inadequacy or failure as of recognition, admission, and willingness to try again.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus = A good time to do some devil-may-care thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Be prepared for the unexpected, and be ready to throw out your preconceived ideas and plans and just fly with the flow.

Jupiter opposition Uranus = You are forced by circumstances to release previously held expectations or taken-for-granted assumptions, and take a broader and less encumbered perspective.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune = Inspiration, benevolent impulses, divine guidance. You may have an opportunity to share wisdom or reach out to other people in a spiritual way; or you may receive a spiritual gift from others. Good day to trip, or to cast spells for enlightenment. Also an excellent day to start channeling your spirit guides

Jupiter opposition Neptune = Disappointment or results falling short of expectation. Not a good time to begin projects, invest money, or trust other people since your judgment may be clouded.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto = Some sort of realization or coming to grips with underlying motivations; you are shrewd and decisive, and can take a detached, overall view of things to make your own will prevail.

Jupiter opposition Pluto = You are not believed or appreciated, nor are your views taken into account (perhaps because you are overly sanguine and too focused upon your own ends).

Saturn conjunct Uranus = Someone pushing your buttons, or a sense of frustration and helplessness. Stress, turmoil, intense feelings which must be dealt with tactfully and patiently (qualities which you may lack now).

Saturn opposition Uranus = There may be sudden, unexpected setbacks or bolts from the blue. Intransigence or unavoidable obstacles cause a great deal of frustration and tension now. Anger may flair and bad feelings are rife. Definitely control your temper or things may spin out of control – don’t try to butt your way through, but wait as patiently as you can before taking action.

Saturn conjunct Neptune = There may be betrayal or deep disappointment and a tendency to brood or feel paranoiac. This is a time of contraction: best to pull your wagons into a circle and assume a defensive stance.

Saturn Opposition Neptune = Things may get a bit depressing or frustrating, there may be vague worries or dashed hopes, especially regarding goals or relationships in which you have a major emotional investment. It’s best to withdraw now rather than to trust or depend too much on others.

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