The Sunshine House system by Bob Makransky

Here is a guide to the Sunshine House System, by my friend, astrologer, programmer and magician,  Bob Makransky.

Most of us astrologers have at one time or another wondered why astrology doesn’t work as well as it’s “supposed” to. Although adamant in defense of astrology when confronted by skeptics, we nonetheless agonize in our innermost souls as to whether the ancient astrologers were lying; or whether astrology just doesn’t function as well in this decadent age; or whether – horror of horrors! – we may just be fooling ourselves.

No, no, it can’t be that. After all, that prediction we made about cousin Tillie’s boyfriend was right on the button! So why then, if astrology does work so well sometimes, do we find it so hard to make it work consistently? Where does the fault lie, dear Brutus – with astrology, or with ourselves?

Actually, the problem is not with astrology per se, but with how we modern, western astrologers have been practicing it (or better said: conceptualizing it) for the past several centuries. Ever since astrology and astronomy parted company 300 years ago, both branches of the Uranian science have gone astray. They’ve lost contact with their true roots – the astrology spirits who, from time immemorial, have guided astrologers and helped them to make accurate judgments.

The Hindu astrologers never lost contact with the astrology spirits, and hence they haven’t gone through the crisis of confidence experienced in the west. The Hindu astrologers respect the astrology spirits (heed their counsel); they respect their craft; they respect themselves; and therefore they are respected in turn by their community. We occidental astrologers – in our endeavor to turn astrology into a “reasonable” and “rational” (hence “respectable”) science (which it isn’t) – have turned our backs on the astrology spirits, have prostituted our craft and ourselves, and thus justly deserve the opprobrium which mainstream society heaps upon us. If we were delivering up accurate predictions, you can be sure they’d be singing a different tune.

To the astrology spirits, all statistical research is hooey. It may be interesting and even illuminating, but even if it did score little points before the Rationalist-Materialistic Inquisition (which it doesn’t), it has nothing whatsoever to do with astrology. Astrology is not a matter of mind nor of logic.

The aphorisms of the ancient astrologers were not meant to be taken as rules in the modern sense, but rather as examples of how to interpret charts by the Spirit (by intuition). We western astrologers have our rules – e.g. that Moon in the 2nd house means such-and-such, or that Mars square Saturn means thus-and-so, etc. – and then we try to deduce meanings by using logical deduction (reasoning).

Rather, the thing should be done by feeling, not by thinking. The ancient astrologers and the Hindus did it that way. We don’t need astrology spirits to interpret horoscopes; we can do that with our own feelings once we’ve learned how to get our intuition flowing. What the spirits want to do at this time is to teach (or reteach) us western astrologers HOW: give us concrete tools to work with.

Of course, there are some astrologers out there right now who are already doing this as a matter of course; and practically every astrologer has done it now and again: made an astoundingly accurate prediction without knowing quite how he or she did it. What the spirits want to do is to show us how to do it all the time – consistently give our clients specific, exact information rather than vague generalities such as those which are cranked out by computers.

To start with, the astrology spirits recommend changing the manner in which we calculate horoscopes. This is not because there’s anything wrong with traditional house systems per se; after all, the ancient astrologers got good results from them. Rather, by misusing these horoscopes – by treating astrology and its guardians with disrespect – we western astrologers have put bad vibes over these horoscopes, and so have rendered them inoperative.

The spirits recommend abandoning all current house systems and using instead a system of 24 half-houses which are precisely analogous to the planetary hours. (see the Appendix of my book Planetary Hours). The exact details on how horoscopes should be interpreted in this system have yet to be worked out.

In the meantime the spirits recommend using a system of 12 houses in which the houses have the usual meanings (1st = personality, 2nd = money, etc.), but which are calculated as follows:

To obtain the houses above the horizon (7 – 12) the Sun’s diurnal (declination) arc (the length of time from sunrise to sunset) is divided into six parts; to obtain the houses beneath the horizon (1 – 6) the Sun’s nocturnal arc (the length of time from sunset to sunrise) is divided into six parts. Then these 12 division points are projected onto the ecliptic with house circles (house circles are great circles on the celestial sphere which pass through the north and south points on the horizon. The Campanus and Regiomontanus systems also project with house circles, but the former divides the prime vertical into 12 parts, and the latter divides the celestial equator into 12 parts).

Because this new house system results from a division of the Sun’s diurnal circle, we call it the Sunshine House System. Although we are trying to get away from logic, a moment’s reflection will show that the Sun’s diurnal circle is indeed the most logical circle to divide to produce mundane houses. If the houses are to be considered analogous to the signs; and if the signs result from a division of the Sun’s yearly path (the ecliptic); then it follows that the houses should result from a division of the Sun’s daily path – its diurnal or declination circle; i.e., the small circle parallel to the celestial equator which passes through the natal Sun.

Since the analogy requires that the angles be house cusps (or in any event, the spirits require it), projection of these 12 division points must needs be with house circles, since only a projection with house circles retains both the Ascendant and Midheaven as house cusps.

The Sunshine House System has two unusual features:

1) Three parameters (Sidereal Time, Latitude, and Declination of natal Sun) are required to compute house cusps, rather than only two (ST and Latitude) required by all other house systems. This feature precludes a table of houses for the Sunshine House System, but in this age of computers this is not really a problem.

2) Opposite house cusps (except for the four angles: ASC, IC, DESC, and MC) do not lie opposite in the zodiac. In fact, it is common to find intercepted pairs of signs which do not lie opposite in the zodiac. This is an odd feature, but certainly not an objectionable one.

When I began recalculating the horoscopes in my files using the Sunshine House System, the first experiment I tried was secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps. I had always regarded secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps to be the acid test of proof for a house system (transits, because of retrogradation, are too uncertain to use as a test for timing). I had never seen secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps work in any of the half-dozen other house systems in which I’d tried them.

I found that – like most astrological techniques – progressions to the intermediate Sunshine House cusps work better in some charts than others; but when they do work, they are amazingly accurate. For example, in my own horoscope:


P SU 11th

began dairy farm (2 months later)

P SU 12th

beginning huge lawsuit (one month later; dragged on for next decade)

P ME 11th

birth of first child (3 months later)

P ME 12th

ex-wife informed me leaving with kids for another country (exact)

P VE 11th

middle of non-affair with K. (see “Why Directions Sometimes Fail” in Topics in Astrology)

P VE 12th

started blueberry farm; rapprochement with ex-wife (2 months later)

P MA 9th

graduated high school (exact)


However, my most interesting discovery occurred when I took a vacation and found myself in the (for me) unusual position of doing a lot of face-to-face natal consultations for complete strangers. I calculated all these new charts with the Sunshine House System, and I discovered the following:

Using the Sunshine House System and the traditional house symbolism (e.g. 7th = marriage, 8th = death, 9th = journeys / religion, etc.) I found that I obtained much clearer psychic impressions than I’d ever experienced in the 20 years I’d then been studying astrology. My astrology mysteriously reached an altogether new level. I’d be looking at some feature in a chart, and then suddenly I’d just know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, precisely what happened to that guy at age 6; or what he’ll be doing in 20 years; or what’s bothering him right now.

When I use the Sunshine House System, it sometimes happens that an actual picture pops up before my mind’s eye; but more often it’s just a feeling of something known – like reaching out for a memory of something which you know, but can’t quite put your finger on – which horoscope symbols help you pin down or express in words. The impressions definitely come from the native, not the horoscope. Nonetheless the horoscope is intrinsic to the process. All feelings take off from symbols in the horoscope; and also the horoscope serves as a focus or way of conceptualizing feelings which are in the air. It can’t be done without the horoscope (at least I can’t do it without the horoscope).

Although you can use intuition with everyone, the clearest impressions come from natives who are themselves psychic, or who are at least open-hearted and straightforward people. The guy who sits there with his arms crossed and with an “I dare you!” look on his face can effectively block any attempts to psychically probe him. You have to break down such a native’s screen of thought forms (penetrate his defenses) before you can give him his money’s worth. I can usually get an antagonistic or dubious client to loosen up by starting (in a friendly and easy manner) with his or her current progressions and transits. I get clients used to the sound of my voice; I let them know that I’m not threatening nor judging them; and then, when they’re relaxed, I can start pulling impressions out of them. The point is that if you’re going to be an intuitive astrologer, you have to be open to the native (rather than defending some sort of ego trip of your own). This means respecting the native, and also respecting yourself; it means giving the person emotional space, and at the same time, not permitting him or her to encroach upon yours.

There is really no other way of being able to give specific information to a client except through intuition. That’s the only way to cut through all the innumerable possibilities of what the symbols could mean logically, to arrive at what they do mean in a particular case. The materialistic astrologers who believe that astrology should be based upon reason rather than intuition are only promulgating an astrology of distrust: distrust in the Spirit, distrust in their own abundant inner knowledge, and distrust in the craft of astrology. We are not advocating “blind faith” in astrology here; we’re talking about concrete results that we can each validate for ourselves in our own practice.

The Sunshine House System is a link, given to us by the astrology spirits, to help us activate and utilize our latent intuition. If you use a house-based astrology in your practice, I highly recommend your giving the Sunshine House System a whirl. I think you will be surprised and gratified to find how such a simple adjustment as changing the house system you use can produce such an amazing difference in the specificity and accuracy of your predictions.

(Sunshine House System calculations are available from and

Let the Sunshine In!

Is your astrology getting boring because you can’t get it to work as well as it “ought to”? Time to let some Sunshine in!

The Sunshine House System was devised by the world’s foremost authority on the mathematics of house division (he said with Leo modestly) – guided by the spirits he channels – to help you directly access the Akashic Records to make astoundingly exact predictions from a horoscope, so that you can offer your clients specific and accurate information (rather than vague generalities) about the problems that bother them the most. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not – just give it a shot and see for yourself how you can make your own astrology work as well today as the ancient astrologers claimed they could do back then.

You can obtain free Sunshine House cusp calculations from (specify that you want Sunshine House System charts – on it’s at the bottom of the house system list – note that unless the birth time is exact to within a minute or so, or has been exactly rectified, this technique won’t work).

A good place to begin trying the Sunshine House System out is by looking at the Charubel symbols for the zodiacal degrees occupied by the Sunshine House cusps. Download the booklet “The-360-Symbolic-Degrees-and-Their-Interpretation” posted in the Magical Almanac Writings by Other Authors files, and you’re ready to begin the greatest adventure in astrology you’ve ever undertaken!

Of the various systems of (usually channeled) symbols for the 360 zodiacal degrees which are available, I have found in practice that the Charubel symbols work the best most of the time, with the Sabian symbols (Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’ version – not Dane Rudhyar’s version) also suggestive and worth looking into. You can download Charubel’s book The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized for free from any number of online sources (e.g., the one listed in the Magical Almanac files comes from:!/download/CFgKJeV2Sj3/Cv92bqAOlkx1fUkp. This pdf contains many other systems of degree symbolism besides that of Charubel, if you want to experiment). The story on degree symbols is like the story of the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead: when they’re good, they’re very, very good; and when they’re bad, they’re horrid (in which case you just don’t use them – but that may be a reason to suspect the birth time / Ascending degree). When they do work they can provide a check on a rectification obtained by other means (e.g. primary and secondary directions to angles), or help to decide which is the correct one between two adjacent rising degrees.

Generally speaking, the symbol for the rising degree (ASC) describes who the person is; and the symbol for the culminating degree (MC) describes what they do, and how they do it. The other (ten) degree symbols don’t always relate directly to the particular houses to which they correspond; rather, taken together they often “tell a little story” or describe the tone of the person’s life. I’ve found that in my own case – and those of people whom I know well whose birth times I have rectified exactly by other means – the Charubel symbols for the Sunshine House cusps are often remarkable in the depth and exactitude with which they pinpoint major issues, attitudes, strengths, difficulties, talents, areas of denial, etc. in people’s lives. In my own horoscope this set of symbols has been both a comfort to me, and also a source of hope and guidance.

In this article we will use Adolf Hitler’s horoscope as the example (see endnote for birth information). Most of Hitler’s Sunshine House cusp Charubel symbols are pretty nasty; but they do tend to run to a type. This is often the case: that the collection of Charubel symbols for the Sunshine House cusps of a horoscope, as a group, evoke a consistent mood or flavor which describes how the people make their way in the world (for example, by being hard and mean, or gentle and wistful, or direct and forthright, or visionary and spiritual, or confused and clueless, or whatever). Although most of the Charubel symbols for Hitler’s Sunshine house cusps are of the hard and mean variety, a few are indicative of his tremendous personal charm (having Venus sole dispositor) which endeared him to his intimates, such as his best friend Ernst Röhm, his niece and true love Geli Raubal, and his mistress Eva Braun (at least until he murdered them). Note the striking symbolism of Hitler’s rising degree; and consider that the Charubel symbols were first published in 1898, long before the swastika assumed its present sinister import.

Table of Charubel Symbols for Adolf Hitler’s Sunshine House Cusps


20°LI 23’

A cross formed of darts, that is, having a barbed termination to each arm.

A very positive character. A person of strong will. He will never allow anyone to impose on him. He is ever on the defensive; one with magical abilities.


11°SC 28’

A bull pawing up the earth.

Denotes a person who will have his own way; his anger is lasting.


12°SG 13’

Death, with a scythe in one hand, and a bag of money in the other.

A miser; one who will starve himself for gain; and one who would delight in slaughter and carnage if it would prove of some monetary advantage to himself.


25°CP 52’

Too revolting to be given.

Whoever thou art who mayest have this degree on thy ascendant, keep out of bad company. Indulge not in stimulants; keep clear of the gambling hells, and seek to develop thy higher nature; by such a course thou mayest save thyself.


4°PI 45’

A black pall suspended, and a man in a gloomy enclosure looking at it despairingly; finally he musters courage to lift the pall, and enters a dark passage, which, however, finally conducts him into the light of a glorious day.

Whosoever thou art with this degree on thy ascendant, be prepared for trials, but don’t give up in despair; for ere thy

fortieth year shall have expired, thy day will have dawned [Nb. This actually occurred in his 44th year].


29°PI 20’

Two men striving to hold a mad bull with ropes about his head.

Denotes a very, self-willed person. One who will have his way and who is possessed with strong passions. This degree is in sympathy with the sign Taurus.


20°AR 23’

A shovel standing near an open grave, in which I sea a man digging.

This degree points to one who will be a sexton, an undertaker, or otherwise will have to do with the dead.


16°TA 12’

A very small cottage at the base of a very high mountain, where jutting rocks appear to overhang

the cottage perpetually

threatening its destruction.

A truly good person; one who has Implicit faith in the Most High.


17°GE 50’

The number 6 rules this degree.

Denotes a purely mercurial person; an expert in all mercurial employments.


25°CN 52’

A gentleman with a number of ladies in a carriage.

This denotes a good and kindly disposition; a person very liberal with his presents, in – whose nature benevolence bubbles, lacking in circumspection, a veritable “Timon of Athens.”


0°VI 05’

A wolf carrying away a lamb.

Denotes deception, cunning, avarice, and cruelty. Such a degree, unless there be much to counteract it, would render

the native liable to become a great criminal.


26° VI 31’

I see nothing but sunshine; all is bright – a cloudless sky.

Denotes a prosperous person; he is truly happy, being born under most favorable conditions.

If your astrology has the blahs, try letting a little Sunshine in! I guarantee that you’ll be blown away by the results. Totally!

* * *

Note: per the horoscope for Adolf Hitler calculated by Wilhelm Wulff (Heinrich Himmler’s personal astrologer), Hitler was born at 6:03:53” pm GDT (5:56:01” pm LMT) on April 20, 1889 in Branau am Inn, Austria (13°E02’, 48°N15’); which here was rectified by Dr. Rumen Kolev to 6:03:27” pm via the primary direction Saturn conjunct MC mundane direct (Cardanus key = 59’12” / year) = 12/21/1907, the date of his mother’s death, and two months before he failed the entrance examination for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, which destroyed his ambition to become an architect. See Rumen Kolev’s Primary Directions I, Astro-Research Center Zenith, Varna Bulgaria 1996 for details. Anyone who wishes to delve into the house division question is advised to read my book on primary directions and celestial sphere geometry, available as a free download from:

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