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ARIES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEARIES: 21st March to 20th April (Tarot – Two of Wands)

The figure in the Rider Waite deck is a pensive red-robed man looking out from a high wall on to a calm bay. He stands between two staves, one of which is held in his left hand. In his right hand there is a small globe. This is usually taken to represent a conqueror of territory who now rests awhile, overseeing his domain yet seeming to derive no great pleasure from his accomplishments. The Wands Two is, in fact, a card of world weariness – does this sound familiar to you? Maybe it does. Certainly you may find that even positive results are unfulfilling for you right now. If this feels like you and unfulfilled potential is being wasted then slow down, take a long look within. Be mindful. The real goal, any supposed pursuit of excellence, is always spiritual and getting the most from yourself takes time, effort, patience. Some might even accuse you of being slightly temperamental, but it is all because you want things to go right. Remember to live for the Now – this is the real conquest.


Until the 19th, the Sun occupies your solar eleventh house of friendships. This naturally increases your tendency to get on well in all kinds of partnerships and, moreover, to see yourself as part of a team, rather than a loner. You have what it takes to make progress in almost any group matter. At work you can continue to capitalise on a cooperative streak and your strength lies in your ability to work hand in hand with others, even people you don’t exactly care for. From the 16th, Mars in your solar tenth at least has the effect of getting past any recent delays or impasses, which – as a Fire sign – have been driving you mad. LUNAR HIGHS: 26-28 To say you can make the most of your current situatuon now would be an understatement. Maybe you need a bit more faith just to keep going, but you never know just what’s around the next corner. Take it as read – the going is good, Aries! LUNAR LOWS: 12-13 Don’t try to have every last thing perfectly organised; you may find this impossible and attempts at control may lead to major disappointments and you ll just end up being a nuisance to others! Instead, let go, let go!

TAURUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPETAURUS: 21st April to 21st May (Tarot: Seven of Wands)

A young warrior positioned on the edge of a precipice anxiously defends himself against unseen assailants, who between them wield against him six staves. This is an image of courage and bravery in which the individual takes on others simultaneously. A card of struggle and competition – this is no surprise these days in the financial sphere. Right now, you may even face some financial opposition, but the message of the card is to retain the courage of your convictions and go ahead with decisions you feel are absolutely right. This applies in all aspects of business and finance; all apsects of life, for that matter. It’s the only way forward. The Full Moon on the 9th (in your solar fourth house) at least allows you to get a certain domestic matter settled once and for all. Ot it could be connected to a familiar figure from your past, with whom you need to discuss things and get some kind of closure.


Career matters are ably assisted by the present position of the Sun in your solar chart, allowing you to be at your brightest and best when in almost any sort of professional company. This is the time to really go after you want, especially if you feel you have had to wait! You are inclined to be more ambitious now, so it’s just as well that the career world can give you a definite advantage. Venus, in your solar twelfth house this month means you may be dealing with some skullduggery in matters of the heart – but honesty is always the best policy. Actually tt might be difficult for you to get an objective picture of certain facts in your love life, and rather than proceeding without the necessary information, you might well choose to wait and see what others do! LUNAR HIGHS: 1-2; 28-29 Now you really can persuade people to trust you, perhaps to a much greater extent than you might expect, but you will always be equal to the task. In fact, more than equal! LUNAR LOWS: 14-15 From an emotional point of view you can look at life more solidly now. There’s nothing wrong with slowing progress a little today because the Moon ocupies your opposite sign of Scorpio – in fact, circumstances may force this!

GEMINI MONTHLY HOROSCOPEGEMINI: 22nd May to 21st June (Tarot – Justice)

In the Rider-Waite pack, the Justice figure holds a pair of finely balanced scales: the sword in her right hand (decisions you’ve made, actions you have taken) points upwards, while the scales in her left hand, along with her index finger, point down to earth. This indicates most strongly that actions are about to bear some kind of physical fruit in the here and now, Gemini. Just desserts are about to be meted out – nothing more or nothing less than you deserve, as the forces you have set in motion need to be balanced out in some way. Can you relate to any of this? Look for imbalances being corrected in your everyday life. These forces may have played themselves out by the time of the New Moon on the 23rd. From now on you can afford to be in a much more positive frame of mind and to focus on what’s absolutely necessary in life, rather than getting involved in pointless exercises.


The Sun occupies your solar ninth house for much of the month, when you will take a more light-hearted, even philosophical view of life. Actually this heralds a far more uplifting period than of late, as you have left cetain intrigues well behind. This influence helps widen your personal horizons and generally get far more out of life. Make long distance travel an option if you can – this is an excellent time for it. And at least it keeps you from being bored, which is – after all – your main enemy! LUNAR HIGHS: 3-5 Continue to keep your eyes and ears open for new input. You have scope to find much of this within your social life and you definitely have what it takes to get the maximum out of most situations. In a professional sense this can be a rather crucial time. Issues of one sort or another can be brought to a head and it is important to focus clearly on your goals and objectives. LUNAR LOWS: 16-17 If there are problems regarding joint finances around now, it’s worth sitting down and talking things through, rather than keeping silent and hoping everything will come good in the end. It might also be sensible to reassess your attachments to certain possessions. Are you benefiting from them or working just to maintain them?

CANCER MONTHLY HOROSCOPECANCER: 22nd June to 22nd July (Tarot – Judgement)

An archangel with red wings sounds a trumpet at the Last Judgement. To the trumpet is attached a banner with a red cross on a white background. The dead rise from their graves out of the sea, while in the foreground is a trio of newly resurrected figures. The more profound meaning of the Judgement card is about c oming to terms with our past before we can move on – the image of resurrection in the Rider-Waite pack symbolises the birth of a new awareness. It’s easy to get lost in material competition, and with your own personal struggles; much harder to see how you might fit into the wider sphere of humanity – how we’re all ultimately the same. The message here is to recapture some of your truly meaningful essence, Cancer – somehow, you have lost your way and sorely need to get back on the right path.


When it comes to vital personal projects, this is the best time to sort things out and to begin again if necessary. You stand at the edge of a fortunate time and all that is required is your usual patience and conviction regarding your own strengths. The point is that you need to rid your life of a few non-essentials now and start some new life trends. You can find an inner strength which prepares you for the next stage of your life-journey. Indeed, now is the time to make those big changes where you put certain things in to the past. At least, certain changes in your financial situation can give you more ease and comfort at home. LUNAR HIGHS: 6-7 Now you should be capable of moving a few mountains, as they say and can accomplish a great deal with half the effort at this time. The point is that you seem freshly motivated after a period of indecision, when it seemed the right move was not on offer. This is now changed – get on with things! LUNAR LOWS: 18-20 Establishing a good grip on practical matters may be difficult with this lunar low – looking within, quiet solitude and contemplation are likely to be far more important to you than outer success, just so long as you don’t alienate yourself from others.

LEO LEO: 23rd July to 23rd August (Tarot – Knight of Swords)

In powerful winds, a knight charges towards his destination, his sword held aloft beneath a jagged sky. The Swords Knight stands for all that is swift, changeable, clever and articulate; he embodies the ability to quickly grasp a situation with the mind and then move on. This may mean a swift change to the old way of life for Leo at this time. You have valid new ideas to express and the impatient Knight says, “the sooner, the better.” But remember, planetary trends require you to have your sensible head on, too. Even if there is nothing especially surprising about that, at the same time the level of ingenuity and brilliance you can show might amaze one or two other people. However, keeping a sense of proportion is absolutely necessary! This archetype (similar to Gemini) also suggests the retrograde Mercury (from Feb. 16th) when communications overall cannot be relied upon (whether you’re an artist or not!). Now is the time to slow down, revise and check your facts!


The sun in your solar seventh house puts the accent on personal relationships, on compromise, give and take. This may be foreign territory for most Leos, but when it comes to personal plans and intentions you may find you must ‘bend’ towards others a little more than usual. But think on this – if it gets you there, this does not really matter! Does it? A Full Moon is occurring in your sign on the 9th, when it’s time to bring something to a head, to let others know just what you are thinking or otherwise finish off outstanding tasks before moving on. LUNAR HIGHS: 8-9 Now the Moon has moved into Leo it is your Lunar High. For one, you definitely have what it takes to get ahead, so put your best foot forward today and avoid being slowed down by useless details or by people who seem to have a very negative attitude to life. LUNAR LOWS: 21-22 This, it must be said, is not a time when you should be making life hard work for anyone around you. Spirits may be flagging and inspiration at an all time low, and even if loved ones prove supportive, their efforts may go unappreciated by you. Beware. What you really need is an absolute rest, and some downtime to polish your crown.

VIRGO MONTHLY HOROSCOPEVIRGO: 24th August to 23rd September (Tarot – Strength)

The Strength card – let’s have this right – is not about the suppression of base instincts, nor repressing the ego. In the Rider-Waite pack, the woman in white exerts only gentlest pressure over the lion, as she holds its jaws shut. This is an image of genuine Fortitude: remaining calm and still (therefore strong) in the midst of choppy seas, neither being dominated by passions (like anger, or pain) nor driven to control them, either. Instead, letting them be and letting them subside, as they surely will, in time. This month, Virgo, this Major Arcana card is asking you to look deeper within to find a real sense of spiritual joy. This card is encouraging you to find fulfilment – yes, joy too! – in even minor, mundane tasks. To become identified totally with the work itself and its accomplishment is almost a holy act – to put one’s entire heart and soul into something is not just a nice collection of words!


The Full Moon in your solar twelfth house on the 9th of this month makes it a time to press certain issues in an ongoing relationship, or take the initiative with newcomers in your social scene. Whether a romantic gesture, or just making new casual contact, leaving others your phone number or email address can pay dividends. Plus, your sensitivity to others assists you in being the perfect host at the moment, and as your social side is highlighted, you may decide to invite other people to your door. Swift, communicative Mercury, also in your solar seventh this month, indicates an opportunity to broaden your social horizons in some way. There may well be a chance to travel, too, so be open and ready for whatever life puts your way. LUNAR HIGHS: 10-11 Progress may now develop so fast that you really need to be quick off the mark: but being adaptable is, thankfully, one of your main strengths. Personal expression can now carry a more forceful influence – in fact, there is even a flair for leadership. Bully for you! LUNAR LOWS: 23-25 There could well be emotional ups and downs to deal with, even if these are not directly related to you. Dealing with other people can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know why they’re behaving as they are. A greater level of patience is called for – or else a determination to stay away from such situations!

LIBRA MONTHLY HOROSCOPELIBRA: 24th September to 23rd October (Tarot – King  of Cups)

In Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustration (in the Rider-Waite Tarot), a sombre-looking king is seated on a scallop-backed throne. Behind him a ship sails; on his right, a fish jumps out of the water. The King here seems somehow confined, his throne surrounded on all sides by choppy seas, while he is covered with symbols of the feeling world (his turquoise garment, his fish-scaled shoes). The image of a throne arising from the sea is unnatural, indicating that the King wears his feelings in a rather awkward way. Although he has sympathy and compassion in abundance and is sensitive and creative, the King of Cups is shy about expressing his true feelings. Truly, this card is asking Librans this month for their sympathy and compassion, to help others – anyone – on an emotional level when possible. Don’t (like the King of Cups himself) be shy about expressing these things. Just remember who your real friends are! Or, on the other hand, it may be time for such a person to enter your life!


A real boost to your social life is possible now, helping you to make things work out better than you might have expected. This is particularly the case if you’re in the mood to entertain and also if you are able to gather the right sort of people around you. Your ruling planet Venus passes through your solar seventh house from the 8th, and from now on your skills lie in reaching out to others and bring them into your personal orbit. Expressing yourself clearly and creatively is your forte, too, this month and you can be full of self-confidence, because not only is the Sun in your solar fifth house but you have the kind of joie de vivre that just draws others to you! LUNAR HIGHS: 12-13 It’s worth making an early start with curent projects, and even if it means handling several different things at the same time, doing whatever you can to get through necessary tasks. Your capacity for work is high, but especially so under present planetary conditions. LUNAR LOWS: 26-28 There are excellent reasons to keep other people in your good books at the moment, which might mean making excuses for them while trying to gain an understanding of what makes them tick. Be prepared to give leeway on a project dear to yoru heart or you may end up completely dissatisfied!

SCORPIO MONTHLY HOROSCOPESCORPIO: 24th October to 22nd November (Tarot – Six of Pentacles)

A finely dressed merchant weighs coins with a pair of scales and hands out measured amounts to the figures at his feet.The merchant is handing out what he knows the others can use, or what they are able (according to their station in life) to receive. The kneeling figures, however, have attracted only the amount of money that they believe they are worth; this is why the money must be measured out. Broadly, this card says that genuine personal transformation only comes when you are properly ready for it. When you can receive it. At any rate, any neglected financial details now will have to be paid for – whether you’re rich or poor, whether playing the markets or simply juggling household budgets. Any Scorpios in debt may find their creditors taking a very tough line! But then, your personal circumstances may reflect the merchant instead, in which case it is a warning about frittering money away on the unworthy!


The Full Moon on the 9th lands in your solar tenth house making it possible to secure a certain matter as far as your career is concerned. This may involve someone in higher authority, and so it’s a time to curry favour and tug forelocks – just for now, anyway! The sun is also passing through your solar fourth house, making domestic life very well accented, and there are gains to be made from any family involvement. Catching up with the past has its attractions, therefore, and can keep you positively diverted much of the time! The time is also right to get your head round money matters and to invest a little – only if you know this is going to stand you in good stead later on. LUNAR HIGHS: 14-15 Get ready to make tracks and to start new projects whenever opportunity offers you the chance. This could be especially good in a social sense and which brings more in the way of close contacts with others. There are some real personalities around at the moment, and you can use these to brighten your life. LUNAR LOWS: 1-2; 28-29 At these times you can make the most of a some quiet time. The Moon moves into your opposite sign of Taurus ushering in that part of the month known as the lunar low. Your best approach is to check and recheck all details and to move forward slowly and steadily.

SAGITTARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPESAGITTARIUS: 23rd November to 21st December (Tarot – The Hierophant)

Between two ornate pillars, a red-robed Pope raises his right hand towards heaven; with his other hand he points a triple-crossed staff down to the earth. His golden crown has three tiers. Before him are two tonsured monks who receive his benediction. Between the monks is a pair of crossed keys. Let us say, first of all, that the ultimate goal of humanity is to awaken from its slumber. Major Arcana cards are the more important lessons, neither ‘good’ nor bad, they are stages in the growth cycle. This card signifies wise spiritual advice, Sagittarius, and for most of us it’s not a time to be going it alone, deluded, or assuming your have all the answers to life’s dilemmas. This month, always, always seek good counsel when a problem arises. Actually this card often symbolises orthodox wisdom – commonsensical, obvious advice can be just as mind-expanding as the ‘hidden’ and non-obvious!


Your energy levels are now enhanced, certainly with Mars in your solar first house in the first half of the month. This means you should be projecting a very bold impression of yourself wherever you go. Not only that, there is more confidence and assertiveness in approaching others – some might call you pushy, even! You now have the capacity for a much higher profile in the wider world, and this is because your powers of communication are especially highlighted. This helps you to get the right sort of help and advice from people who are in the know. Friends might be especially helpful.

LUNAR HIGHS: 16-17 You’re not short on initiative and enthusiasm now – why not get an early start and test out your luck potential; be bolder in your approach, so long as you are making common sense requests there is no reason the right people should not help you now! LUNAR LOWS: 3-5 It’s possible that there’ll be distractions about now, and they might be so interesting you cannot avoid getting slightly diverted by them. All the same, you need to remain focused on those matters you see as being of supreme importance. In a practical sense you can get things done now, but not nearly as fast as you would like!

CAP MONTHLY HOROSCOPECAPRICORN: 22nd December to 20th January (Tarot – Five of Swords)

A hostile figure looks on victorious as defeated enemies retreat from the battlefield. He is holding three swords, and a further two in his possession are lying nearby. This suggests that your attitude requires realism when the world really is having its way with you. This card may be a more general message – accept any losses and move on. Even if practical matters now test you, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem since you love a challenge. Try to use your time constructively and get in line with people who seem to have the right ideas. Beware of getting tied down with convention or red tape, as neither is of any use to you! Hence, certain aspects of progress may not be easy at the moment, particularly if you don’t take sufficient time out to work out what you should be saying to others. Thus are the challenges of Saturn – your ruling planet, still at large in your sign, though this is still balanced out by expansive Jupiter.


On the positive front, lovely Venus occupies your solar tenth house of career from the 8th and thus a helping hand is given to professional life, so long as you keep an open-minded approach amongst colleagues. You just never know what progress can be made and at least have the ability to command attention and wheedle favours from those a little higher up on the ladder – not that there are that many above Capricorns! You have everything it takes right now to mix business with pleasure, as they say. Meanwhile, the sun in your solar second house of finance indicates uplifting and potentially life-changing experiences on offer when it comes to money making. LUNAR HIGHS: 18-20 When the moon is in the sun-sign one should always capitalise on any new opportunity to do something novel or different. You may be sorry you didn’t. It is possible to establish new ways of doing old jobs, and you can make gains as a result of long-past events. LUNAR LOWS: 6-7 Vitality is low and you may prove reluctant to get down to brass tacks so to speak. as your competitive streak is that much lessened maybe you should focus energies on simple stuff and even the do things one at a time!

AQUARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPEAQUARIUS: 21st January to 19th February (Tarot – Six of Swords)

A young ferryman steers a boat over calm waters towards a distant shore. His passengers are two hooded figures: a mother and child. In the boat stand six upright swords. . What is suggested here is the experience of gentle passage, of healing, of being calmer within so as to deal with our problems. It is said that where problens arise, the power isn’t located in the external situation, but how we react to it. This is the advice for Aqaurians the world over right now. You can also amass help and support as you make long term plans for the future, like the vessel in the Swords Six image, moving with quiet certainty towards your destination For now, it is a wonderful time to get involved in some kind of ‘people power’! You can also ensure that whatever is happening in social life is very rewarding, in fact you have the potential to work marvels when it comes to your ability to let others know what you think.


A great deal of faith in yourself and a strong tendency towards optimism can go a long way now. The sun has moved into your own zodiac sign of Aquarius (up until the 19th) and you can make sure that what you want is more or less what you get under this positive trend, particularly if you can get others to do your bidding. Energy levels and joie de vivre are in the ascendant, too! The Full Moon in your solar seventh house of relationships (on the 9th) brings a certain matter to a head in the area of relating and friendship – from now on you will feel better to be fully in the picture. LUNAR HIGHS: 21-22 Just as you can now stress the positive aspects of life, so you can get the best from other people. In any case, what you hear from others could be good news, and of major significance, especially insofar as it relates to a recent decision. LUNAR LOWS: 8-9 It may appear that little is going your way at this time: as far as you are concerned this should be a period of taking time off, renewing strengths, recharging batteries and so forth. Keep any new plans under your hat for now.

PISCES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEPISCES: 20th February and 20th March (Tarot – Nine of Cups)

A red-capped male figure sits complacently as if at a feast, his arms folded in satisfaction. Before him, nine goblets are arranged in a crescent moon formation. Wherever we see almost perfect symmetry in a Tarot image we can be sure that there is allusion to some kind of real fulfilment, of wholeness. For those actively pursuing a spiritual path the Cups Nine – a card of harmony – bodes well for emotional satisfaction, as well as outward, material reward. No matter how much the world loses its head, if you maintain real peace of mind, nothing can shake your inner security. Like this card, it is time to approach the world from a position of equilibrium and inner fulfilment. If your do this, the material rewards will take care of themselves. It’s like Jesus said, when you pray, believe you have already received yyour reward and you shall have it. It’s called the As-If Principle and not everyone can pull off this powerful piece of magic! On the full moon of the 9th you can!


The focus is now on making sense of things that might have puzzled you only a few days ago. All the more reason to take the time to look at situations coolly and quietly. That twelfth-house sun up until the 19th can prove to be helpful as it enables your sympathetic side to show, and the more you allow this the better. After the 19th, the green light is on as the sun moves into your sign – think big and expect the best and focus on Number One – remember, you now have planetary permission to do so! The New Moon on the 23rd (in your sign) is your best moment for initiating grand new projects – remember that! LUNAR HIGHS: 23-25 Have you ever tried talking others around to your way of thinking only to get nowhere? This, fortunately, isn’t one of those occasions and you should see how easy it is to persuade others that you are right about something. Anything! LUNAR LOWS: 10-11 Your power to get your own way and influence those around you could be on the wane. But consider this – you actually benefit now from putting yourself at the disposal of others. Don’t worry about short term gain and what you’ll get out of it – look ahead and know that you are earning some good karma!

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