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Hypnosis and the Power of the Mind – A brief history

Hypnosis and the Power of the Mind – A brief history

Someone is invited on to the stage, where they are asked to sit down on a chair which awaits. The host who has summoned them snaps their fingers at one point and, for comic effect, declares them unable to leave their seat. The audience roars with laughter as the unfortunate guinea pig cannot remove the […]

Positive Thinking and Ancient Magic – How to Overcome Your Fate!

Positive Thinking and Ancient Magic – How to Overcome Your Fate!

(This is an excerpt from my book You and the Conscious Universe: Science, Spirit and the New Positive Thinking, published by Perrault and available on Amazon.) Positive Thinking is as old as the hills – it just looked a little different in days of yore. Itis simply a modern type of ancient magic. Greek philosophers […]

The Ancient Art of Positive Thinking

The Ancient Art of Positive Thinking

This is an excerpt from my book ‘You and the Conscious Universe’ (previously published as ‘The New Positive Thinking’) which will be available on the Amazon website on May 12th. Though you may not know it, nearly all of the world’s important spiritual texts are, secretly, tracts on ‘Positive Thinking’, whose message (in all those […]


What is the Tarot? Find out in this brief introduction by James Lynn Page

Just what is the Tarot? Is it some vestige of the Occult that should have died out – a bogus type of fortune telling? If so, how do we account for its popularity among serious students of magic and psychology? Could it be more like a sublime archetypal system in pictorial form? A kind of […]


What is Alchemy - part two

The founding father of Alchemy is the Egyptian god Thoth, who gave birth to writing, music, arithmetic and sculpture and who uttered words commanded by Ra, the Sun God, in order that the world should be created. His lost though marvellous work, The Book of Thoth, contains all the secrets of magic and alchemy, the […]


Magic Quotes

The purpose here is not to provide a handy list of soundbites, but to give you something deeper to ponder on. All the magical quotes below have been carefully selected for their profundity – do give them some real thought (and yes, there are a couple of mine from Applied Visualisation.)     Sacred nature […]


Ancient writers call it a thing of small price, because it is lightly esteemed by the merchants, and no one that finds it cares to pick it up, any more than if it were an ounce of dirt. Few will believe that it is a pearl of great price, for it is known to none […]

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