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Keith Richards’ Horoscope – What is He Really Like?

Keith Richards’ Horoscope –  What is He Really Like?

What is Keith Richards’ Horoscope like? Is the so-called Human Riff, the Most Elegantly Wasted Human Being Ever, a Rebel or a Reactionary? The typical Rebel is described as ‘bohemian’, ‘insubordinate’, ‘lawless’, ‘unorthodox’, ‘unruly’, and he’s been all of these at various times. But what about the opposite, Reactionary? This is a conservative, a diehard, […]

Who is the Real Paul McCartney?

Who is the Real Paul McCartney?

Below is the astrological birth chart for Sir Paul McCartney, author of Beatle classics like ‘When I’m Sixty Four’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Get Back’  and ‘Penny Lane ’ and the original inspiration behind their greatest work, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. From Cole Porter pastiches to soulful ballads; from straight rock and roll to catchy pop […]

Mercury and The Key to Consciousness

Mercury on the Birth Chart

Just what is the role of Mercury on your birth chart? Why does it seem to be ‘neutral’ – neither masculine nor feminine? Most of all, how should we even begin to interpret it? It’s true that Mercury is often overlooked in both chart interpretation and progressions-transits to the natal chart. But, being neither boisterous […]

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