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George Harrison’s Horoscope – What Was H

George Harrison’s Horoscope – What Was He Really Like, Mystic or Materialist?

Usually referred to as ‘the Serious One’, or the ‘Quiet One’, he was also the ‘mystical One’. Of course, the Beatles’ lead guitarist really needs no introduction: we’re going to look in depth at George Harrison’s horoscope. But what was he really like? Mystic or Materialist? Or both? What made him the person he was? […]

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – What Is

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – What Is He Really Like?

Let’s look at Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – the millionaire megastar heart-throb who just wants to be ‘ordinary’. That guy we saw in Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, The Island, The Departed, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York (and latterly, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) flatly refuses the trappings of stardom. It’s been […]

Who is the Real Paul McCartney?

Who is the Real Paul McCartney?

Below is the astrological birth chart for Sir Paul McCartney, author of Beatle classics like ‘When I’m Sixty Four’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Get Back’  and ‘Penny Lane ’ and the original inspiration behind their greatest work, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. From Cole Porter pastiches to soulful ballads; from straight rock and roll to catchy pop […]

Saturn on the Birth Chart – Wise Teacher

Saturn on the birth chart is your inner scrooge!

‘The nature of Saturn is far more evil than that of Herschel [Uranus]: he is called the Greater Infortune, and he is undoubtedly the cause (subservient to the will of Providence) of the greater portion of human suffering. When he is rising or setting at birth, the person born will suffer much lingering sickness, and […]

Mercury and The Key to Consciousness

Mercury on the Birth Chart

Just what is the role of Mercury on your birth chart? Why does it seem to be ‘neutral’ – neither masculine nor feminine? Most of all, how should we even begin to interpret it? It’s true that Mercury is often overlooked in both chart interpretation and progressions-transits to the natal chart. But, being neither boisterous […]

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