October Horoscope

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ARIES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEARIES: 21st March to 20th April (Tarot – Three of Wands)

Wands Three traditionally means ‘established strength, enterprise, effort’ and in the old Rider-Waite pack a successful merchant surveys a bay, his ships berthed below. Ariens prepared to explore new territories at this time should be amply rewarded, therefore – the Tarot threes tend to make things flow. But the more confident you are the better – this is the kind of success produced by self belief. Even a bit of brash arrogance might not hurt!


One of your big strengths this month is the ability to delegate and get the co-operation of others- relationships are in the frame and you can exploit the possibilities for important contacts. You may have to brush up on personal, interactive skills, though, and these should be your main aim right now. But it has to be said, you’re at your happiest (and best) when things function smoothly. Plus, will-power flows creatively at work, pointing to the occasional overnight success – so will this be you? LUNAR HIGHS: 12-14. Emotional high-spots and benefits prevail. There is interest accruing in your social life and other conspire to put you in the very best of moods. Without a doubt! LUNAR LOWS: 26-27. A low key period – one of the major Buddhist ideas is that if we choose not to react to the outer world it cannot affect us. It needs practice, though. As you’ll have guessed.

TAURUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPETAURUS: 21st April to 21st May (Tarot: Eight of Pentacles)

The material world and the money-go-round is emphasised strongly for Taurus here in the two month Tarot spread. The Pentacles Eight works hard at achieving goals and actually loves the work its doing. Just enjoy knowing you are carrying out meaningful stuff. Banks and building societies may be falling over themselves to please you, now – you may even see an increase what’s available when job hunting – apply now whilst the going is good.


Could it really be that you have the magical knack of finding just the right kind of company at just the right time in the first half of the month? Maybe, but Venus, the goddess of love, is also casting her spell in your solar 5th house or romance and pleasure. You can use this attraction-power all the way up the 22nd of the month, in case you were wondering! Now, isn’t that useful to know? LUNAR HIGHS: 15-16 You can move quickly to fulfil your wish list and keep tabs on what the competition is up to – but the issue is about doing something really satisfying. Actually, it’s always about that, if truth be known. LUNAR LOWS: 28-29 Remember the old wartime message for the public? Keep calm and carry on! Just ensure you can do this and keep responsibilities to a bare minimum.

GEMINI MONTHLY HOROSCOPEGEMINI: 22nd May to 21st June (Tarot – Six of Pentacles)

The hidden message in Pentacles Six is about giving others only that which they can accept or use. This is is an important phase for Geminis, so long as you now get across your message very clearly. Discussing plans for your future may be on the agenda, but such talks may not go quite how you expected. Much depends on how well you understand others and act accordingly – keep certain things up your sleeve and let the doubters and naysayers keep guessing.


Your ruling planet Mercury is setting off a chain of events at work, and communication mishaps will ensue if you are not crystal clear about your intentions! Though you may have what you see as plenty of lovely optimism and big ideals, you can easily get carried away with grandiose plans. You also may be questioning certain fundamental things in your life – things for which you may have no ready answers yet. Be patient. LUNAR HIGHS: 17-18. It may be obvious that this is a good time to get ahead of the pack and make strides. If not, then have some faith! LUNAR LOWS: 2-4; 30-31. The more you feel you are being co-erced into doing something, the more resentful will you be, that is natural. But sometimes, especially in our career, a bit of toeing the line doesn’t hurt.

CANCER MONTHLY HOROSCOPECANCER: 22nd June to 22nd July (Tarot – Ace of Pentacles)

The Pentacles Ace symbolises the new vibrancy and confidence for monetary and material growth. It can mean anything from a new job to a salary raise. If you’re in business, cast around for ways to expand. Even so, you may want to consider how sustainable any new ideas are going to be, and I don’t just mean in business. Have you persuaded loved ones and family of certain things for example? Better do this soon and overcome that Cancerian reticence!


This month, getting your own way shouldn’t be at all difficult in your domestic/emotional sphere. Obviously, we all need to surround ourselves at times with whatever is familiar. In fact, a trip into the past – however that manifests – does you untold favours, too. Is it really that you are more security obsessed right now? Well that’s OK, too, just don’t let it spoil the good mood! LUNAR HIGHS: 20-21 Put your luck to the test Cancer; it may be much stronger than you think. Do you have some spare change for a little gamble? Need to win someone over? LUNAR LOWS: 5-7. Socially, maintaining a lower profile suits you just as much as the limelight now. However, in relationships you may end up on the defensive a little too much – be careful!

LEO LEO: 23rd July to 23rd August (Tarot – The Chariot)

The Chariot symbolises triumph over adversity, and Leos may be on a financial roll now after periods of stagnation. With the sun, Mercury and Venus in your solar second house of money, economic indicators are now quite favourable. But are you willing to compromise and cooperate for the good of personal relationships? This month, you may take too much for granted and others – naturally – won’t thank you for it. Keep this in mind, for your own sake, Leo!


This is not the time to be overly cynical about the world, or you may find that you are subconsciously expecting to be let down and make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have been pushing back on practical limitations that seem to come from everywhere but now is the time to make a breakthrough. What ‘s best is that you can easily persuade other people to get on board and be on your side. LUNAR HIGHS: 22-23 You may feel this is the time to take the bull by the horns and make some kind of definite change. Put certain matters in the past where they belong once and for all. LUNAR LOWS: 7-9 The Lunar ‘stop sign’ challenges you to get your house in order until you’re working in harmony with the cosmos– until things flow and what you are doing becomes a meaningful part of your life. Until then …

VIRGO MONTHLY HOROSCOPEVIRGO: 24th August to 23rd September (Tarot – Two of Cups)

Right now you simply will feel that getting your own way is all that matters. Planetary trends for this September Horoscope even provide you with added ambition and the desire to improve, and you may – just possibly – get in touch with your ruthless streak, There is a tendency to take short cuts to success, to put it nicely. At any rate, you will want to live up to your own exacting expectations – but don’t expect others to!


The Cups Two in the Rider Waite Tarot shows two lovers brought together, their innate differences overcome. Sometimes, getting anywhere requires a reconciliation before moving on and this is the theme for the month. You also tend to be good at maintaining gains, once they are achieved. The keyword here is ‘consolidation’ and this applies to all matters financial for you now, Virgo. LUNAR HIGHS: 24-25 Though it may seem like an excellent time to take it easy you should be doing the opposite, which is to take new risks, get new plans off the ground and persuade others to help you. Do it now – you’ll soon see why. LUNAR LOWS: 10-11 Your power and control over personal situations ain’t what it could be: and that’s an understatement! Let things be, to slide even. That is, if your Virgoan need for order can allow it.

LIBRA MONTHLY HOROSCOPELIBRA: 24th September to 23rd October (Tarot – Ten of Swords)

Certain romantic ideals are fired up now – need it be said that you need to be utterly realistic about what you want to happen, now? Do you have the means to get you there? Don’t make any major life decisions unless you are pretty certain about the outcome! For there are worries too, yet the real meaning inherent in the image of the Swords Ten is that things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. This is worth bearing in mind when it comes to getting along with others.


This month you can successfully invest your identity into any number of things. Feelings of self-esteem and confidence are boosted with the sun occupying your solar first house. Just think of the kind of major impression you can make in the professional world. Or any world come that! Take care not to flaunt the new power you possess – as if you would! LUNAR HIGHS: 26-27. To believe in something is to precipitate its coming into your life – be ever more adventurous and assertive, take those plans off of the back burner and aim high. You have two days to do this! LUNAR LOWS: 12-14 A boss at work may put obstacles in your way. Don’t go tilting at windmills just to prove a point with others, either. Librans do so love good argument! You have enough to contemplate at home without more conflict!

SCORPIO MONTHLY HOROSCOPESCORPIO: 24th October to 22nd November (Tarot – Knight of Cups)

For Scorpions involved with big business and foreign trade, there are severe risks factors ahead in September and October. Actually this will apply to any Scorpios investing money, whether small or large amounts, in various schemes. The Knight of Cups is a romantic old soul, more attuned to fantasy, in love with idea rather than reality, and often uncommitted to the practical world. There may be minor financial complications, but only to the extent that you don’t care!


Is there an overarching sense that all is right with the world? At least your sense of possibilities is bigger than usual, and that s a good thing because this is the month to take affirmative action, rather than sitting around complaining. (Not that you ever do, of course!) Undoubtedly, this is a better time to be doing things alone- situations which don’t call for a great deal of compromise on your part. LUNAR HIGHS: 28-29. One of the most favourable astrological period for romantic relationships comes right now – the planet of love, Venus, is also in your solar first house (from the 10th). LUNAR LOWS: 15-16. If there is an impatience for things to happen and a need to be out ‘in front’, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. In any case, your goals may be achieved quicker than you first thought.

SAGITTARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPESAGITTARIUS: 23rd November to 21st December (Tarot – Ace of Cups)

It is as if you have seen precisely how your present life is going to work out in the future: question is, will you want it to carry on in precisely the same way as before? If so, now is the time to capitalise. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is still in your sign and you may meet someone able to help you get ahead, whether with a personal or professional aim. It may not be the peak of your achievements, but it may well be a new beginning of sorts.


A wonderful time to integrate yourself with others. If you are having to work among a group of people throughout this period, you may find that demands on you are heavy, but there are rewards in the long run. In any case, the Cups Ace is an indicator of new faces on the horizon – someone out there is ready to make an impact on you, if you did but know it. LUNAR HIGHS: 2-4; 30-31. It is said that they who hesitate are lost, and to strike whilst the iron is hot etc. – all of those platitudes apply very much right now. Platitude or not, give this some consideration! LUNAR LOWS: 17-18 Certain obligations seem to be taking up too much of your time – there even may be some doubt over an intimate or business relationship. Just beware that this is the downside of a personal cycle and not the time for action or accusations. Go in peace.


CAP MONTHLY HOROSCOPECAPRICORN: 22nd December to 20th January (Tarot – Knight of Swords)

Helpful Jupiter is at present passing through your solar twelfth house, which should mean that of late (over the past several months) you’ve been getting the right kind of assistance and emotional support from those in your private life. With this September Horoscope, the healing continues now and you see there is a more productive side to life which you can now get on with. Naturally it makes life more rich and rewarding in the long run.


The Swords Knight is an erratic influence, and this may result in authorities like your employer making false promises, and causing sudden disruptive change to some of your plans. Of course, nothing is set in stone, but there may be a sense of having been tested to the limit by circumstances of late – ones where someone who has power over you seems to be taking advantage. This month the wheels of progress, thankfully, can turn once more. In short, it’s time to get your own way! LUNAR HIGHS: 5-7 You really can afford to take a more easy going attitude now – don’t become weighed down having to work to strict plans. Where things need doing you have bags of staying power, anyway. LUNAR LOWS: 20-21. Someone in a professional setting may be being ‘difficult’ again – perhaps they’re just playing devil’s advocate, but don’t let them get to you. You have higher things on your mind and cannot afford to be derailed.


AQUARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPEAQUARIUS: 21st January to 19th February (Tarot – Temperance)

Temperance calls for discrimination and balance, weighing one thing against another, which you will certainly have to do in a financial sense, now. However, the overall motivation this month is towards pastures new: just get out and discover what the outside world is up to! Buy a train/plane ticket and take off somewhere. You know what they say about a step into the unknown. If you feel a little stuck in the past, and Saturn in your solar twelfth house suggests this, be patient with yourself – you’ll know when it’s time to move on.


Mars in your solar ninth house (of travel) reiterates the theme of horizons broadened. This month’s planetary picture signifies the opportunity for this and the thirst for freedom may become a very real issue. You’ll want to shrug off restrictions placed upon you by others and snap up any chances to widen your personal world. Go it alone if you have to. The only downside is that some new realisation may be hanging over you. Deal with it. LUNAR HIGHS: 7-9. A career matter could be on the up and up and do remember here that any major changes you set in motion now will have important consequences in about a month’s time. LUNAR LOWS: 22-23 Life has a way of backfiring on one at a later date, quite often just at the point of victorious self-congratulation. It’s the Icarus syndrome and is to be avoided at all costs, especially with this Lunar Low.

PISCES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEPISCES: 20th February and 20th March (Tarot – The Devil)

The Devil card reminds us that we’re imprisoned in matter, subject to forces greater than both will and ego. Unfortunately, we forget the material world is an illusion and cling on all the more tightly. The hardest thing ever can be to simply ‘let go’ which s your mission this month, should you choose to accept it – let go of the past. Personal relationships are, in any case, doing untold favours – there should be little here to complain about.


Get rid of outworn elements of your life and be prepared to ask yourself ‘what has not worked out?’ It may be difficult to let go, but a real sense of regeneration should be under way – make room in your life for the untried and clear out whatever is truly unnecessary. You’ll thank yourself later on. Or maybe even this website! LUNAR HIGHS: 10-11 A way of channeling this energy is through heavy, time-consuming tasks that involve restructuring your life in some way, one involving quite a bit of physical effort. This shouldn’t worry you, though, so long as you can get a clear view of the path ahead. Soon it will be make-your-mind-up time. LUNAR LOWS: 24-25 Daily life cannot to go on in the same old way now; and whilst it may not be the time for high expectations you should definitely suspend certain plans/activities. Get used to a bit of peace and quiet! Insist on it.

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