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ARIES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEARIES: 21st March to 20th April (Tarot – The Chariot)

The Major Arcana Chariot has many esoteric meanings, but for your purposes it means the Will in action, a collective holding-everything-together in the midst of trying situations. If you’re feeling more stressed than usual now, Aries, remember the real message with this card: your will must be in harmony with the Universal Mind if you’re going to get anywhere. That is, go with the flow of events, not against them. For one, see what kind of situations you attract without trying. Plan and time things better. You’ll soon see what flows nicely and what doesn’t. If you’re not one of the stressed majority, then the Chariot means some kind of triumph.


Joint financial interests are in focus and you may even want to splash out on something special for a loved one. Some advantages may present themselves on the speculation front – so how lucky do you feel at gambling at this time? Do remember, it’s all a matter of how much you can afford to lose! The planets in your solar eighth house this month signify the go-ahead for any type of legal agreement that has money as its basis, but do check the small print very carefully, Aries. LUNAR HIGHS: 8-10 Financially, this may prove to a key moment – new solutions are starting to appear, and this helps you to get that much needed perspective. Simply put, projects get the ‘green light’ now. LUNAR LOWS: 22-24 Beware – there may be mistakes made during this phase due to simple oversights, in particular, overconfidence. Remember that even Ariens have their off-days!

TAURUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPETAURUS: 21st April to 21st May (Tarot: Ace of Swords)

The subject of money is emphasised here, and the Ace is a wake up call, telling you get real, and get some clarity on harsh economic realities where needed. If you’re a rookie entrepreneur and you need money, your business plans had better be good. Mostly, though, finances should improve during this period, even if you’re not one of the mysterious, privileged ‘one percent’! At least you are full of good ideas! Plus, the Ace always signifies your ideas clashing with other people’s, so you may want to tone down those rigid opinions! It doesn’t matter if you are better informed than others and have better ideas – it’s all about how you deliver them.


The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th will bring certain matters to a head, and since it’s also a Lunar High for you (see below) this is ‘full on’ power for the Bull. Elsewhere, personal relationships, contracts, agreements and suchlike see you coming to the fore in an impressive way with the sun in your solar seventh up until the 22nd. This is when more people listen to your ideas and proposals – maybe the right kind of people! LUNAR HIGHS: 11-12 Good: now you are in a much more favourable position for going ahead with big decisions; better still, you needn’t only focus only on the bare necessities for these two days. Think big and put your versatile side to use. LUNAR LOWS: 24-25 Your staying powers may not be up to scratch and vitality may prove less vital than usual! It’s frustrating, but take it easy if you find few quick solutions to everyday problems, no matter how hard you try!

GEMINI MONTHLY HOROSCOPEGEMINI: 22nd May to 21st June (Tarot – Two of Pentacles)

The Rider-Waite Pentacles Two shows a juggler with two coins inside a figure-eight symbol of eternity. It’s about ‘juggling’ time and energy or adapting to change. Being Gemini, adapting is one of your strengths – and right now you can even change horses mid-stream if you have to. However, the message is this: be open to monetary fluctuation as you navigate the road ahead – be less influenced by material demands. In other words, enjoy the game of life as it should be played! That is, without worrying too much about the outcome.


Your ruler Mercury is moving backwards until the 20th. It’s called the Mercury retrograde and it affects us all with communication hiccups and delays. Where it will affect you is through the areas of work and health– check on those business meeting arrangements (did you get the right date?) or any medical appointments (what time did they say?). The Full Moon in your solar twelfth house on the 12th is even more vital; a time to bring an emotional matter out of the past and deal with it once and for all. Unresolved, it just might go on gnawing away at you! LUNAR HIGHS: 13-15 Since you have just about all the support you need, that new plan of action can get off the ground. Maybe, just maybe, the more ambitious you are at this time, the better! LUNAR LOWS: 26-27 Consider putting tasks to one side whilst getting on with something much easier, like relaxing at home with the family. Hold ups and delays may be the order of the day if you take risks. Proverbial ‘shots in the dark’ right now could miss by a country mile!!

CANCER MONTHLY HOROSCOPECANCER: 22nd June to 22nd July (Tarot – The Magician)

Magicians don’t manipulate the energies of the astral plane, so much as they channel. As a Cancerian your focus is on your personal history, the past which made us, and the card now asks you to reconnect with your deepest emotions, to allow yourself to feel – a kind of purging and healing. Saturn and Pluto in your solar seventh house have given you extra responsibility in the field of relating and partnerships– now it is time to let go. Meditate for a couple of hours when the moon enters your sun sign (see below to the Lunar High) as if it’s your personal new moon, and feel the benefit. Visualise waterfalls, deep pools or vast oceans. Then, like a good Magician, see a new future for yourself. This will benefit you enormously especially, in terms of your life-direction.


The sun is now passing through your solar fifth house of creativity, fun and romance. Now is the time to step out of that Cancerian shell and show the world how charming and commanding you can be. This new emphasis on ‘personality’ means you get more attention – from all kinds of people, true, but also just the right ones! Anyway, being appreciated enhances your sense of optimism and self worth – something we can all do with. LUNAR HIGHS: 20-21 A peak period in the month when judgment and timing tends to be impeccable – but who really chooses it? Isn’t it just pure luck, anyway? Probably. No matter – it looks like decision time! LUNAR LOWS: 5-7 Progress in general may be on a downward spiral. Progress, though, should be the last thing on your mind. Switch off your phone and any contact with the outside world. This is a time for total privacy. To go within!

LEO LEO: 23rd July to 23rd August (Tarot – Ace of Pentacles)

This card indicates a truly progressive period for Leos, in particular in the sphere of financial innovation. The Pentacles Ace depicts the spiritual plane meeting the earthly, as dreams start to become real, and our future visions begin to at last take shape. Are you an artist, writer, musician or actor? You can start to make money off of your creative gifts at this time, so long as you tailor your work to the ‘market’. This means creating something people actually want to buy, remember, instead of just art for arts sake! Even non-creative Leos should find financial increase a doddle one way or another – if they put their minds to the subject! The energy of the Pentacles Ace may inspire some truly innovative and potentially profitable ideas. Everything had to start with an idea – right?


To say that emotions can influence your thinking this month would perhaps be an understatement! And watch that fiery tongue – pushy Mars is in your solar third house of communication, and others see your more argumentative side at this time, even if you don’t! Other trends enhance your social life and may intensify romantic relationships, and it certainly is one of the best months to travel abroad and extend your reach with the rest of humanity. That is, if you can resist being in the right over each little thing! LUNAR HIGHS: 18-19 It goes without saying that the need for fun is paramount, and there ought to be plenty of opportunity to do so right now. Someone, somewhere, may make their true feelings known, too. LUNAR LOWS: 3-5 Your patience may be taxed and tried by all kinds of annoying things now! At least you shouldn’t take on too many responsibilities; workwise, it should be one thing at a time. Even minor tasks can be oh so overwhelming. Maddening! I know.

VIRGO MONTHLY HOROSCOPEVIRGO: 24th August to 23rd September (Tarot – Knight of Wands)

Jobs and employment are pretty insecure these days and require more than a little adaptation – here today and gone tomorrow, and we shouldn’t be thinking about a job for life any more. This card may suggest issues where you have trouble keeping up with the current pace of change, or just strenuous working conditions. The Wands Knight is guaranteed to make most of us feel a mite insecure at the everyday level. However, in short, the card is telling you that you are working too hard. Surprised? Let go of the unnecessary, and stop saying ‘leave it to me’ when something needs doing! Let others clean up after themselves – you have far, far better things to be getting on with.


The sun now moves through your solar third house of communication. Need it be said that you’re now at your very best when juggling new ideas, doing research for projects and having meetings meant to further the cause of progress? That fact finding mission you’re on right now will yield some bright new information that really cheers you up. Just don’t cave in to too much pressure, nor try to live up to the heavy expectations of others. LUNAR HIGHS: 20-21 Now you just won’t want to stay in – in fact will want to keep up a high social profile now, You should: there will be plenty of opportunities to win over the attentions of others. LUNAR LOWS: 6-7 Whilst there really are plenty of interesting, even entrancing, new ideas in the air, these may come to nought right now. So – avoid scattering energies on trivia, pie in the sky or getting distracted from more pressing concerns.

LIBRA MONTHLY HOROSCOPELIBRA: 24th September to 23rd October (Tarot – The Sun)

This card indicates sunny optimism and the promise of genuine co-operation and friendship – if you take the trouble. It really does seem that most of us these days are too busy dealing with our own problems to notice others very much. Not you, though! Mars stays in Libra until the 18th and you are bent on finding a compromise where there is disagreement, if not being a trifle more pushy and argumentative than normal. But you mean well, and you get back from others what you give out tenfold at this time. It’s good to be assertive isn’t it Libra? And you gain from the extra energy donated by Mars. And this Sun card from the Major Arcana. Some time this month you will have reason (or many reasons) to be cheerful!


You can now create situations more to your advantage when it comes to financial planning and budgeting. This may be aided by the sun in your second house of money and earnings this month. Plus, a firm personal decision, made in good faith will set you off on a much more productive course early in the month, whether this is about getting along with others after a fall out, or a practical matter. LUNAR HIGHS: 22-24 An energy booster (like the soft drink which gives you wings) and jobs can be completed in half the usual time. Go on and burn the candle at both ends – you will benefit from this immensely, and new ideas now set in motion will prove successful in about 28 days time. LUNAR LOWS: 8-10 Some aspects of life may be quite a let down: but this will only happen with any unrealistic, head-in-the-clouds notions of what one to one relationships are really all about!

SCORPIO MONTHLY HOROSCOPESCORPIO: 24th October to 22nd November (Tarot – The Tower)

The Tower is that shocking bolt from the blue where things blow up in our face, but only because we’ve held on for too long to what isn’t working any more. The card asks you, Scorpio, to let go not only of things/situations you don’t need, but your considerable ego too – quite a challenge, I’d say! Letting go of the false self (which causes unhappiness) is a tough call, but when we do, we find a ‘new’ sense of profound presence beneath. This is your mission this month, should you choose to accept it. Financial matters are also affected by the Tower for this period, and some Scorpios will have to look much more carefully at joint business ventures right now. A rocky road may be ahead.


Keeping things close to your chest doesn’t always work you know. (Typical Scorpio!)Though you need to really enjoy yourself and ‘let go’ right now, an emotional matter is al the better for being properly aired. On another tack, compromise has never really been your middle name and selfishness often seems the only option, but you are nevertheless ready to fight battles on behalf of others. This is Mars moving into your sign midway through the month and now you actually get to be a hero or heroine. Good for you! LUNAR HIGHS: 24-25 As the moon enters your sign, your personal influence is strong and leadership qualities are apparent – in short, this is the time when Scorpios get what they want! They wouldn’t have it any other way. LUNAR LOWS: 11-12 A time to keep things real and realistic! Try to organise a clearing of the way for brand new energies – your life is a little complex and benefits from being thoroughly de-cluttered (even de-peopled) Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPESAGITTARIUS: 23rd November to 21st December (Tarot – Queen of Pentacles)

The earthy Pentacles Queen is an enabler, more dynamic than she first seems and the symbolism in the Rider Waite actually overlaps with the Magician. A quite literal interpretation would be that it’s a good time to get financial help to up-sticks, travel the world or begin a new course of further education. This is a phase when such things are indeed possible. Remember, your ruler Jupiter is still engendering new opportunities for you. The more spiritual view is that consciousness-raising and wisdom starts with true awareness of the material world. In short, we all have to adapt ourselves to it one way or another and accept total responsibility. Now there’s a word to conjure with, Sagittarius!


Venus, the goddess of love, is doing her best to make you seem attractive and appealing to others (in in your solar 1st house of personality between the 2nd and 25th) Thus, the stage is set for either rekindled friendships, more fun in your love life or even that special stranger entering your personal orbit. Make sure you are somewhere they can find you! Plus, do keep abreast of gossip, news and views winging its way in your direction. You never know what you might learn, and it might even relate to a new opening in your pet projects and secret schemes. LUNAR HIGHS: 26-27 It seems that getting plans up and running is that much, well … easier than usual, shall we say? Make big decisions and have that risky gamble – not that you need any encouragement, at all, in this direction. LUNAR LOWS: 13-15 Someone or something is dragging its heels and it seems that even the best laid plans can go wrong. Then again, you seem rather too relaxed about the whole thing!

CAP MONTHLY HOROSCOPECAPRICORN: 22nd December to 20th January (Tarot – Five of Pentacles)

You may be undergoing a sense of basic insecurity with the Pentacles Five – this card often signifies such. But any lack of trust in life now shouldn’t worry you. True, it may take much longer getting to where you want to be now, but there is something to be said for limitation – it can make you focus on necessity. Think of it as gathering strength before going back into action. Think of it as honing your skills and learning what you really must. Even if you are riding high, you cannot deny there’s some deep lesson to be learned from life right now as mighty Saturn moves slowly and inexorably through your sign. As for the lessons – all will become clear, soon (at least by next January).


Intimate one-to-one relationships are where you find most joy for much of the month – they help you reach back into the past and realise what’s most important to you. Welcome all kinds of nostalgia and doing things for old times sake. By the 26th, lovely Venus moves into Capricorn and you will see just how much you mean to certain people. Someone, a newcomer, may actually surprise you with their affections too! LUNAR HIGHS: 1-2; 29-30 Look forward to a pleasing response from others. This lunar high should find you getting along famously with someone – and that someone may be able to do you a massive favour, if only you would ask! LUNAR LOWS: 16-17 You may have a new idea or proposition to put out there, but expectations may be on the unrealistic side. Not only that, there might be some deception in the air – hence, be careful who you put your trust in, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPEAQUARIUS: 21st January to 19th February (Tarot – Two of Cups)

This card essentially carries the same meaning as the goddess Iris who graces the Temperance card. It’s a call for healing as the Universal Mind seeks an antidote to division, entrenchment, partisanship and hate. We can only move forward when we stop thinking everyone else must be wrong. On the everyday level, this is positive news for Aquarian relationships and friendships. On the spiritual level it is a guide to reconciliation – Cups Two can set in motion acceptance of others’ conflicting views and beliefs without wanting to change them. But it must start with individuals – for a forest to be green, each tree must be green.


Making headway in the world of work and finance is what you are now about, Aquarius. You have every opportunity to step into the limelight in some way, thereby gaining notice from the right people – those interested in your ideas for the future, especially in the career and profession department. Dress to impress, research your necessary facts and figures for that job interview as the cosmos gets you on to the next rung of the ladder! LUNAR HIGHS: 3-5 Sometimes we forget to ask the right people for assistance, yet right now you’ll find that others are only too responsive and willing to help. This influence does at least open your eyes to the fact that people can be very nice, most of the time! LUNAR LOWS: 18-19 No matter how lacking you may be in energy, there are things that simply have to be accomplished right now. Pace yourself if you have to – but don’t be too hard on yourself!

PISCES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEPISCES: 20th February and 20th March (Tarot – Wheel of Fortune)

The card Fortuna is about the mystery of Fate and the workings of Providence. If you have made big plans, big change is on the way, since you only get back what you give out. Here, however, the card is really asking you to ‘give back’ to the universe and let your Piscean charity and natural, spiritual ideals become real. If you meditate or perform magic, tune into the great Universal Mind or World Soul this month (especially the Full Moon on the 12th) and ‘send out’ healing energies to the world. You’ll be rewarded tenfold – eventually – and, almost certainly, when you least expect it, too. This is the way of true magic!


Pull out all the stops to widen your angle on world. Large social gatherings, when you’re out and about making merry, work much better than intimate ‘one to ones’. It’s time to get some group therapy! And remember, you do need a variety of interests, if only to keep you from pressing emotional issues closer to home. Seek out the wide, blue yonder and travel – to unfamiliar destinations, especially if the wind is blowing in the right direction! In other words, be spontaneous. You need your mind expanding, and there’ll be someone out there to expand it for you! LUNAR HIGHS: 6-7 Quite often, it seems, one cannot get ahead without taking some kind of risk, Now you may be able to succeed marvellously by doing just that! Give this some serious thought. LUNAR LOWS: 20-21 That feelings are uncertain and difficult to express is no excuse for not really trying. ‘Falling in’ with others may be for reasons (known only to you) somewhat difficult: perhaps you simply feel at odds with them and must go it alone.

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