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ARIES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEARIES: 21st March to 20th April (Tarot – The Lovers)

In the Lovers Card, from the Rider Waite pack, we encounter the myth of Adam and Eve, who are charged with discovering their own burgeoning maturity. In everyday life it actually indicates a choice – yet wherever there is choice, there is a closing down of options, and when that happens, we lose that ideal situation where anything can happen. We are called upon to commit to something and when this card appears a critical phase in our circumstances is implied. We may have to make a difficult choice that can set off a chain of events, the outcome of which we cannot predict. But in order to progress at all from this crossroads we must decide which direction to take. Here, then, is your dilemma for the month. What will you choose? What will you commit to?


Saturn and Pluto have been stirring things up in your solar tenth house of career. Goals and achievements from the recent the past are – almost certainly – no longer relevant to you and some current desires and professional ambitions you’ve had may not mean the same, any more. Ask yourself what you really want and make a clean break with present involvements, if necessary. Neither Pluto nor Saturn are exactly frivolous and fun loving, and thus it’s a serious time for you. As mentioned, things are changing in a big way and it’s up to you to help them along! LUNAR HIGHS: 6-7 Positive thinking manuals inform us that expecting only the best is to bring it about – sometimes thinking really makes it so, but you also need a massive dose of faith. To believe wholeheartedly in the outcome. This is one of those times, Aries. LUNAR LOWS: 19- 21 With the Lunar Low there’s a tendency to do things the hard way, and if you want to go imagining every kind of obstacle that can arise, you deserve to learn the hard way. But look – take it easy, you’re just not up to par on these two days and any ‘bad luck’ you have may not all be in your imagination!

TAURUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPETAURUS: 21st April to 21st May (Tarot: The Tower)

We all become accustomed to a certain degree of regularity and security in our lives; indeed, we could not live without this. However, there sometimes comes a point where what once gave comfort and support becomes dull routine – and, eventually, stifling and suffocating. The more tightly we hold on to life, the more resistant we are to change. The eccentric and explosive planet Uranus is passing through your sign, and so The Tower card this month is very apt. With this particular influence the universe just doesn’t care about our personal feelings; there is little in the way of reassurance and comfort. But despite the havoc it can create, we can also rebuild our lives. If we do not cling too tightly to what has stopped working, so to speak, that overriding sense of insecurity in the aftermath of loss can be quite heady – even exciting. Have you considered this? As you look ahead to the future, just remember – anything can happen now!


Ordinary routines shouldn’t concern you at this time – instead it is your responsibility to think big, be different and inspirational, and roll with the changes. Be prepared for challenges to be made to the structures you’ve erected in your life. With the sun in your regenerative solar eighth house you have a chance to leave behind once and for all any past issues that have upset the proverbial applecart. Certain changes you’d been planning may no longer be necessary, and there could be a definite feeling that the ground has been cleared for new activity. And whilst fiery Mars is also shaking things up in personal relationships, the Full Moon on the 30th should see you with a bag of new ideas you want to test. Patience – you’ll have to wait until the New Year. LUNAR HIGHS: 8-10 This really is a time to make the most of boosted levels of confidence and the chance to discover strengths within you possibly didn’t know you had! Don’t be afraid to develop a strong competitive edge within your nature now. LUNAR LOWS: 22-23 You know what they say about keeping to the tried and trusted path – it means not taking risks or expecting miracles. It means avoiding risks, and staying out of trouble. Here is your task!

GEMINI MONTHLY HOROSCOPEGEMINI: 22nd May to 21st June (Tarot – Four of Cups)

Being easily bored you tend to change your mind easily and this is the card of ennui par excellence. In the Rider Waite a rather bored looking youth sits beneath a tree staring at three cups lined up before him. A spectral hand presents a fourth cup, but he fails to notice. The single cup is the Ace, of course, the potential for emotional enjoyment. In other words, rediscover what it was about your situation that first brought you so much pleasure. When this card turns up in a spread, it could simply be that you fail to see the good in what you’re doing now – that instead of wanting what you can’t have, you might think about appreciating what you actually do have, instead. Introspection is the watchword of the month for Gemini, that, and re-evaluation.


The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th is significant in more than one way, as it lets you come to terms with a particular personal matter. Something in your life is coming to a head, and now you’ll see which way the wind is blowing. This makes it possible to move on and put a certain issue behind you, but don’t become a victim of fate – let others know where you stand on this matter. With the sun passing though the solar seventh house, it may also feel like others have the upper hand in certain personal relationships – but this needn’t be so. Relationships are supposed to be about equality! Assert yourself confidently. LUNAR HIGHS: 11-12 The subject of luck is nebulous at best, but if it’s a bit of good fortune you’re after, a bit of help from fate, then the Lunar High is at least one astrological time when you might want to roll that dice! Whatever gambling may mean to you, these are days in the month to be – proverbially – casting bread upon the waters! LUNAR LOWS: 24-25 Times when unwise expectations or overconfidence can work against you. This tends to happen on any day of the week, but now it is doubly true! At least you shouldn’t promise any more to friends, wives or husbands than you can realistically deliver.

CANCER MONTHLY HOROSCOPECANCER: 22nd June to 22nd July (Tarot – Four of Wands)

In the Rider Waite Tarot pack, two happy central figures are midway between the city (material existence) behind them, and the four staves (spirit) in front of them – symbolising integration and wholeness It is card of stability and completion, whether this is on an emotional or a material level. A time of domestic reward is on offer with the appearance of the Wands Four, not only that but a real sense of satisfaction, and – most importantly – security. Does it feel right now you have landed somewhere? Does life have that feeling of a special something to fall back on? If not, then that phase is soon to arrive. The Full Moon on the 12th is a good opportunity to resolve an issue from the recent past – talk to someone if it helps, but the situation around you now indicates a very real sense of moving on and having done with certain matters.


You are ever more the social being and partners are now a primary source of strength. With the planet Jupiter now traversing your solar seventh house, someone nearby is not only a source of support and encouragement but a blessing. The next twelve months are about working together successfully on a one-to-one basis and signposts may show this influence this month. Someone, somewhere is going to be very good for you! LUNAR HIGHS: 13-14 Let it be said that you can afford to be way more daring now, and your ability to grasp opportunities when they appear is boosted by the lovely old lunar high. However, what works for you now does so due to because of your innate sense of timing but it has to be said – nevertheless – that you really can make plans come together at this time. LUNAR LOWS: 26-27 Everyday, mundane or boring tasks (depending on you point of view) are something you want to avoid: don’t turn ‘work versus play’ into a problem, however by trying to put things off to a more suitable time. That time, frankly, does not exist!

LEO LEO: 23rd July to 23rd August (Tarot – Eight of Wands)

Busy as you are in the practical world it may have felt rather difficult to capitalise on things. This is coming to an end this month with the Wands Eight as you’re now able to move speedily ahead, unimpeded by any opposition. This card points to swift progress following recent setbacks with which you’ve had to deal. The more occult meaning of the image lies in the fact that all of the Wands – in parallel – are finally descending to the ground. Idea and energies are thus about to be earthed – your creative ideas and plans are well thought out and are about to materialise. At the very least, there will be a fast resolution of any problems and a sense of movement and progress. So, take heart. The Full Moon on the 12th is a focus on your social life – be on the lookout for new faces or go and join a group of some kind. The more the merrier, as they say.


The sun is now keeping a permanent smile on your face as he passes through your solar fifth house of romance creativity, fun and love affairs. You ought to be in a wonderful mood at this time when those close by really do appreciate your own finer qualities. It gets even better after the 20th when Venus moves into your solar seventh house of partnerships, and good company can be enjoyed by one and all – but especially Leos! LUNAR HIGHS: 15-16 Where things need doing, where major operations are at stake, now is the time to get stuck in and take an alpha role, as it were. Make practical use of your time and energy and go full steam ahead – at least there’s little to stand in your way. If not, it will soon move once you get going! LUNAR LOWS: 1-2; 28-30 The time for labouring under misconceptions is now at an end. It may be that you have to learn the hard way, or even that you’re just too tired to care, but these are not days for major accomplishment, or even getting your own way much! Please bear this in mind!

VIRGO MONTHLY HOROSCOPEVIRGO: 24th August to 23rd September (Tarot – Seven  of Pentacles)

In the Rider-Waite Pentacles Seven, a craftsman gazes at seven disks arranged in no orderly fashion; indeed, they require organising in a satisfactory and efficient way. This can be said for aspects of your daily life, too. The Pentacles Seven is a crossroads card – a new direction may be indicated on the path to progress and you’re facing a rethink period when you’ll have to consider whether or not to proceed on the same road. The point is this – if crucial alterations are not made to a work in progress, things might well stagnate. This may be what your life circumstances need overall – just avoid inaction and indecision, Virgo. The only thing that could possibly stand in your way is yourself – as they cryptically say – it’s time to get out of your own way, meaning: get on with it and stop over-thinking the situation!


Something that someone said may not sit right with you and there is an overwhelming urge to say your piece – but is it really everyone else who are the egomaniac right now? Probably not – it just feels that way, especially with Mars in your solar third house of communication and travel. On the plus side, avenues of contact open up with this one: a phone call or letter may bring some news you were waiting for, or some hitherto cloudy matter finally becomes a lot clearer. You may not even like what you hear, but at least you are finally in the picture! Clarity is all. LUNAR HIGHS:17-18 If you never take risks you may never get what you want. All the more reason to roll the dice and cast your bread upon the water. The lunar high brings bigger incentives to get moving along the path, and this is the best time to sound things out and, even, to start all over again if necessary. LUNAR LOWS: 3-4; 31 Maybe you should now take stock of your affairs, as they say, and plan ahead for the short term future. The lunar low is always some kind of temporary slowdown with extra ‘down’ time to relax and contemplate. If you have any extra responsibilities, you won’t feel like carrying them out – you may not even have the energy. The trick here is in not doing any more than you really have to!

LIBRA MONTHLY HOROSCOPELIBRA: 24th September to 23rd October (Tarot – Four of Pentacles)

This card reflects the position of fiery, me-first Mars in your solar second house of money and resources this month. It is the ‘I want’ principle and to say there is now a strong focus on personal attachments would be a gross understatement. On the card, a male figure clasps a large pentacle, apparently secure and happily at rest. At the same time, there is a sense of apprehension, as if he’s unable to let go of what he is holding. Remember – our attachments to money and possessions may be the hidden cause of future losses. Or are you getting by from enforcing econo­mic cutbacks? There is another way of looking at this card – he could, equally, be rotating the coin in his arms, because he intuits of the cyclical nature of the universe (money comes and goes; our bank balance moves -whether we like it or not – up and down). Money must be allowed to ‘turn’, move around and flow. Here is some occult wisdom.


Everyday communications are boosted enormously by the sun passing through your solar third house. This allows you to be at your brightest, sharpest and best when in any sort of company. You can get all your ideas sharply focussed, so long as you remain immune to distractions. Everyday demands keep you happily on the go, too, but don’t try and do everything in your ‘to do’ list. LUNAR HIGHS: 19- 21 Put your mind to it Libra – there must be some new avenue you can explore, something that can make your life firmer. It’s a case of nothing ventured nothing gained, and I say that since Lunar Highs always have some strange ‘lucky element. But you’ll only find this out if you try. LUNAR LOWS: 6-7 It’s true that you may be feeling somewhat oversensitive at what life throws at you now – all the more reason why you shouldn’t make life difficult for partners with emotional demands! You will do much better on these days at keeping well out of the limelight, even putting yourself at others disposal.

SCORPIO MONTHLY HOROSCOPESCORPIO: 24th October to 22nd November (Tarot – Ten of Cups)

Be prepared to surround yourself with personal happiness when the Ten of Cups appears. The card refers to any emotional situation that engenders satisfaction and happiness, and often appears when a new personal relationship is doing just that. Does this describe you? If not, look to your career or personal projects and you should soon find a reason to celebrate. On a far deeper level, for those on the spiritual path, this signifies a breakthrough – one where you arrive at a state of pure joy with the ability to let go and enjoy what life has to offer. Now, that is true happiness, because it isn’t dependent on any outside source. The Full Moon on the 12th also lands in your solar eighth house, making a deep relationship reveal its true essence to you – and perhaps some hitherto concealed truths. This is the kind of thing Scorpios really like.


The Sun is now crossing through your solar second house (at least up until the 22nd) and this offers assistance in capitalising on financial matters. Let it be said that new victories are there for the taking, with monetary gains ever possible and the opportunity to deal with old issues in new ways. There’s much to be said for planning ahead carefully and controlling your personal budget. It keeps your feet on the ground, for one LUNAR HIGHS: 22-23 This is as good a time as any for developing future plans and getting the right kind of support, but what you hear from a close friend might just prove more than useful. Very useful, actually. LUNAR LOWS: 8-10 It must be said that success, such as it is, may be modest at best; at worst non existent. There may even be the odd mishap arising from your hasty actions – beware, since what is caused here is irreversible. The very best thing you can do is lay low and regenerate – get your spiritual strength back before resuming normal service, so to speak.

SAGITTARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPESAGITTARIUS: 23rd November to 21st December (Tarot – Ten of Pentacles)

Scholars of the Kabbalah will notice in the Rider Waite Pentacles Ten a thinly veiled form of the Tree of Life – inner creates outer, as above so below. But this card has some occult jewels hidden therein: the two dogs (instinct) recognise the old man in the image for who he really is – a figure of magical wisdom who has the secret of wealth. This card is about how we perpetuate wealth at the inner level, and alludes to uncommon wisdom and occult secrets on the path to riches. One of these secrets is that the less you desire something, the more you will have it. Normal logic is reversed here – a sense of wealth and satisfaction on the inner level generates its likeness on the outer – ‘much shall have more’, but equally, if you are projecting negativity all the time, ‘even that which they have shall be taken away’. Now you have the means to capitalise on current successes and create financial securities – just don’t get tied down with convention or doubts about the future – especially the latter.


Both the sun and Mercury are in the most powerful position in your solar chart this month. This permits you to take centre stage and express yourself in a very exuberant positive way. Not only that, you tend to be much more talkative than usual and very keen to let others know how you feel about issues. The result of all this self promotion is that you get noticed by important folks who can assist you in make considerable significant headway in your career! LUNAR HIGHS: 24-25 If you needed to be truly persuasive and get others around to your way of thinking (and doing) then this is the time. Other people become more agreeable on the lunar high, so you won’t even need to bribe them! LUNAR LOWS: 11-12 You can probably afford to take life in your stride right now, but don’t get too complacent that everything is going to work out perfectly. On these days, that would really be a very big ask Remember what they say – pride goes before a fall!

CAP MONTHLY HOROSCOPECAPRICORN: 22nd December to 20th January (Tarot – Wheel of Fortune)

On the Rider Waite card the sphinx, associated with the cycle of life and death, sits atop the Wheel, presiding over the mystery that is fate, destiny or karma. This motif makes plain that everything in our existence is subject to cyclical change. The Wheel is bound up with the processes of time: how we effect changes in our lives and how life, in turn, changes us. You have been tested and changed to the maximum lately, but this being put through the mill, as it were is about to end. The Wheel of Fortune can also be seen as an orderly pattern whereby inner transformation finally brings about outer changes, and such changes are on their way – whatever you’ve been striving towards (even up to two years ago) is about to bear fruit. There are a total of four planets occupying your sign at various times this month – the world s moving to a Capricornian kind of rhythm right now, and this includes you and your ambitions. Now will you breathe a sigh of relief?


Up until the 19th Venus, the goddess of courtship, continues to waft her special perfume in your sign but you have bigger things on your mind, like evaluating your long term future. This is just as well as there is a significant boost on offer this month – in fact for the next twelve, as expansive and supportive Jupiter moves through your sign. Suffice it to describe Jupiter’s effect in astrology, which is to expand, assist with growth and ‘bring’ opportunities. Talk about getting a head start! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the time to get past that ‘stuck’ feeling you have had for some time. LUNAR HIGHS: 26-27 The New Moon in your sign on the 26th is also a solar eclipse – with plans made now, intentions stated and requests made you cannot fail to get something out of this. It’s like doubling your luck and then extending it indefinitely! LUNAR LOWS: 13-14 Right now there may be temporary pressures to contend with and your patience is low; try to put off whatever is truly important and time consuming. And rest, rest, rest.

AQUARIUS MONTHLY HOROSCOPEAQUARIUS: 21st January to 19th February (Tarot – Justice)

The figure of universal Justice holds a pair of finely balanced scales: a sword in her right hand (decisions we have made, actions we have taken) points upwards, while the scales in her left hand, along with her index finger, point down to earth. The forces set in motion need to be balanced out in some way. Your actions are about to bear some kind of physical fruit in the here and now and just desserts are on the menu. What have you been up to? When this card appears in a spread, it is the time to take full responsibility for what we have done. There is no other way to go about this than to remain quietly detached and to see the situation from a balanced perspective. Thus do you get the rest of your life in balance too. Are you prepared?


With the sun in your solar 11th house of friendships for most of the month you can attract goodwill and generosity from nearly all directions. News imparted by a buddy could prove to be not only valuable, but eyebrow raising. But this is not all – the solar eclipse in your solar twelfth house on the 26th is a time when the past comes to revisit. Given less to introspection than other signs you cannot now afford to overlook certain personal issues staring you in the face. Like I said, it involves a past emotional matter you haven’t yet dealt with. Get rid of any lingering unpleasantness and confront it – talk it out with someone, let your feelings go. You can even use this as an opportunity to learn something about yourself that you only, up until now, suspected! LUNAR HIGHS: 1-2; 28-30 there is no doubt that the Lunar High is is one of the most important trends surrounding you at the present time – a time to be filled with a new decisiveness and resolve to do things. Now you ought to be more high-profile, getting your own way and, it could be said, getting the attentions of others, too. Just don’t be high maintenance! LUNAR LOWS: 15-16 If you’re feeling down, you’re not seeing the whole picture right now – if you want to stay happy, do as little as possible. In fact, do nothing. It’s a time to let others do all the worrying and running around – so to speak. I think you have the idea now – it’s chill-out time!

PISCES MONTHLY HOROSCOPEPISCES: 20th February and 20th March (Tarot -The Chariot)

This card is concerned with self-willed action and independence – the kind that brings real success, for another divinatory meaning of this card is ‘triumph’. Note the charioteer’s laurel wreath: he is victorious after a struggle. On an inner level, his victory is one of eventual awareness, which is to say that through confronting obstacles (whether inner or outer) he has obtained conscious wisdom. This is also a card of keeping things in balance – note the symmetry of the crescent moons at the charioteer’s shoulders. You have undergone certain trials lately and this card is showing the result – you have come through stronger. This month, though success isn’t about to fall magically into your lap, you are being guided towards making the right moves; personal will is in harmony with the Higher Will. Press onwards and upwards Pisces.


If you want to advance your career, and the sun in your solar tenth this month says you do, don’t be afraid to step out of the mainstream and be as different and as free-spirited as you can. One is not asking that you relinquish all common sense, only that you try something new. The reason for such advice is that certain opportunities exist in the cosmic ether for Pisces – and this applies especially to professionally related matters. Socially, things are also looking up, with Venus in your solar eleventh house of friendships – time to get out the contact book out and start messaging or dialling. LUNAR HIGHS: 3-4; 31 These three days represent generally favourable interludes for you, and you can take advantage of a greater level of good luck. In short, you could afford to take the odd chance. But do avoid wasting time on trivia – go for the bigger goals and intentions. LUNAR LOWS: 17-18 Don’t demand that every last thing runs smoothly right now- you may find this impossible and, in any case, any control-freakery can make the situation worse. Do your normal Piscean thing and go with the flow in a laid-back fashion– wherever that may lead you.

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