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Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – What Is

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – What Is He Really Like?

Let’s look at Leonardo Di Caprio’s Horoscope – the millionaire megastar heart-throb who just wants to be ‘ordinary’. That guy we saw in Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, The Island, The Departed, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York (and latterly, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) flatly refuses the trappings of stardom. It’s been […]

September Horoscope – Your Astro-Tarot O

September Horoscopes

  Here is your September Horoscope and Astro-Tarot Oracle. Readings are also given for October. If you want to read more about what the Lunar Highs and Lows really mean then click here. ARIES: 21st March to 20th April (Tarot – Three of Wands) SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPE Wands Three traditionally means ‘established strength, enterprise, effort’ and […]

Boris Johnson’s Horoscope: Brexit Britai

Boris Johnson’s Horoscope: Brexit Britain in 2020

Below is Boris Johnson’s horoscope, as we look at what kind of Brexit we’ll be getting. Left-leaning journalists have been beside themselves lately over the prospect of Johnson as P.M. of the United Kingdom. I have discussed the new U.K. Prime Minister elsewhere on, but in this article I look at what kind of […]

Donald Trump in 2020 – The Astrology (W

Donald Trump in 2020  – The Astrology (Will He Get Re-elected?)

What about the astro-predictions for Donald Trump in 2020, when we have the US Presidential elections? (We have recently seen Trump get acquitted in his impeachment trial – 5/2/2020. When I wrote this article back in April 2019, it was fairly clear to me that he would still be with us in 2020. Some astrologers, […]

How Astrology Works by James Lynn Page –

How Astrology Works by James Lynn Page – A Free Chapter

(This is the introduction to my new book ‘How Astrology Works’,  published by Perrault on January 7th, 2019) As a professional astrologer of over twenty five years, the subject of ‘how astrology works’ has always fascinated me. However, according to scientists like Richard Dawkins astrology is ‘demeaning and cheapening’, at least if one must get […]

Finance and Astrology – Can the Planets

Finance and Astrology – Can the Planets Make You Rich?

Can finance and astrology be meaningfully related? Part One in this series can be found here, but as the whole of astrology is about the effect of cyclic activity, it should be reasonable to assume that, in the discipline that is Financial Astrology, there should be some connection to so-called Business Cycles. As Christina D. Romer […]

What is Financial Astrology? (Part One)

What is Financial Astrology

Since the turmoil in the markets that began in 2008, a growing number of traders have adopted astrological analysis to boost the results of their trading decisions. They realize that combining fundamental and technical analyses with Financial Astrology can improve the performance of their trading. The advantages of knowing in advance probable major price reversals […]

Uranus into Taurus – What Will It All Me

Uranus into Taurus – What Will It All Mean?

The planet Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus on the 16th of May 2018- how might we expect this archetype to express itself? Let us first look at Uranus in Aries (where it moved in April 2011) to see what was happening earlier. I find that in Mundane Astrology the ‘old rules’ often apply, […]

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